All Hail Dwight Anderson

Finally, someone on the team had the killer instinct to MAKE a play happen. He dove out for the football, clearly with every inch of effort he could muster, and put the game in HIS hands. Great play. Instead of finding a way to lose, we find a way to win. The attitude behind that play needs to reverberate within the entire team. :smiley:

Also, "props" to Richie Williams. It looks like we finally have a young up and coming back up QB? Maybe a bit early to say that, but I like what I see. :smiley:

Yeah, I would like to hear from all those fans that were demanding Anderson's head on a platter after his so called spearing penalty a number of games ago.

Great going Dwight !

Yeah, I would like to hear from all those fans that were demanding Anderson's head on a platter after his so called spearing penalty a number of games ago.
Yeah, he's a rookie, it might just be like McManus said that 'not changing things' every week is the way to go? Maybe they are learning, getting better?

awesome play, simply awesome!

I was hoping Hamilton would would win. It got a little scary in the last few minutes of the game but what a great catch by Anderson.

Ed O'Neil: Damn, and I thought staying at a Holiday Inn Express last night would be sufficient.

:D :D :D

Prevent defences prevent victories. If Akili Smith had slid past the fifth straight three-man rush on a third-and-goal from the four, Ed would have been BURNABLE for letting quarterback draws to kill this win.

Thank goddess for the penalty!

Third-and-goal from the 14? ANOTHER THREE MAN RUSH!

All hail Dwight Anderson. No thanks to Ed O'Neil.

A big salute to Dwight, Charlton Keith, and the rest of the D. Gutsy effort!

Oski Wee Wee,

I hear ya....but this is an age old question.......Every team, every era and it seems every game........we wonder about the "prevent".
Fans hate it. Coaches use it again and again.
We won...that would be Ed's argument.....
But...I'm with you.

OK enough with the Oneil bashing, our defence is so much more improved over last year and we kept the leagues best offence in check for the entire game. It's just so easy to blame a DC, but it's just silly to bash him after he put together a great game plan that had Burris rattled for most of the game.

For about 80% of this season our defence has been outstanding.

If you say so. ROTFLMFAO


We have playmakers on D, no question. Put them in a better position to make plays, you can change games.

This is the FIRST game this year where the defence pulled one out. Straight up.

Defending Ed O'Neil? I'll reserve the right to do so after one (1) winning streak where his playcalling doesn't cause me to hyperventilate. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

How do you know what the play calling is? Do you watch game film and review where every player is? We have a young core of DB's, he has no choice but to keep things basic or else you'll have blown coverages all over the place.

This defence was well prepared tonight and you can't deny that, and BTW a prevent D at the end of the game is the head coaches call, not the DC.

I agree...the defence played well.
But, how do you know who makes the call? The head coach can make any call at any time and he can let any other coach make any call at any time.
We won, therefore he was right.
The "prevent" has always been unpopular and always will be...

Drexl, they QB drawed FOUR TIMES IN A ROW. Nobody was spying the QB. They three-man rushed the ENTIRE FRIGGING DRIVE. Anybody with a remote clue and no wax buildup to hear SUITOR MENTION IT REPEATEDLY ON TSN would get it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Then again, I may be Bobby Ewinging this in the shower…

Not a dream.

Be clear. Zeke Moreno would not audible to the same rush TIME AND AGAIN if he were making the calls. It was O’Neil. Okay?

Taaffe does not make defensive calls. Don Sutherin or Dave Ritchie as head coaches? Yes. You read the resumes and you understand which side(s) of the ball the HC has his fingerprints on. It’s that simple.

Oski Wee Wee,

I sat in box H, right on the 50 yard line behind Hamiltons bench. I sat there and watched Ed O'Neill unorganized and clueless call the wrong plays direct too many players onto the field. If it wasn't for guys like Karikari taking charge calling people would of been Anarchy.

I will not give him a break, he needs to learn what to do..if he has so much experience in football why is he struggling to control his defensive crew ? that is the fundementials of coaching.

O'Neil is in over his head. Clearly.

We do possess strong leadership on the defensive side of the ball.

Two thumbs up to the D. :thup: :thup:

OK there look at the entire game Oski, our defence owned the best offence in the league, and like I said before the prevent is the HEAD COACHES call. They didn't spy Burris for 4 plays in a row -so- maybe if they spied him he would have found someone 20 yards over the middle. They picked their poison and we won, you cannot defend the entire field.

And you mentioned Sudsy, the same coach who didn't spy Garcia at the end of the 98 grey cup and let him run for 4 first downs on that last drive. Peace.


Whatever. You are ascribing calls to Taaffe when TSN was clearly showing O'Neil giving a spy sign to Moreno during the drive.

Again, as head coaches:

Sazio (former DC): could call a prevent
Ritchie (former DC): ditto
Buono (former defensive position coach and LB): gotcha
Sutherin (former DC and hall of fame DB): uh huh
Don Shula (former DB coach): absolutely
Tom Landry (former DB and Giants DC): I got it...


Pinball Clemons: Rich Stubler, STFU. It's my call. PREVENT! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If you say so.

Oski Wee Wee,

This thread seems to have gotten off topic and instead of congratulating Dwight, we're bashing Ed.

So, congratulations Dwight with a great game saving interception. By the way, I don't think too many fans were looking for your head as we all saw the so called spearing was a bogus call.

And congrats to the rest of the team. And I stress TEAM, as that was how you played tonight. You've given me hope again.

Hats off to Dwight indeed!

The spearing call was not a good call IMHO. Dwight got burned there.

I also agree that it's a game which points to optimism. If this club can get a streak together (or at least become competitive as tonight week-in, week-out), 2008 is going to be bright!

Oski Wee Wee,

Great game for Dwight. Liked this guy since preseason, hopefully he can keep it going.

Also gotta applaud him for coming over at the end of the game when the players were running on the field to thank the fans, and tell us "that was for you." IMO he's a keeper, I hope he sticks around for a few years