Here it is, of course a few weeks back the schedule was released.

"All 72 CFL games to be aired on CBC and TSN, plus playoffs on CBC in 2007"

Published: Wednesday, February 28, 2007
TORONTO (CP) - The CBC has scheduled the first-ever Canadian Football League tripleheader as part of its 27-game lineup for 2007.

On Sept. 29, the CBC will air Montreal at Saskatchewan at 3 p.m. ET, Hamilton at Winnipeg at 7 p.m. ET, and Calgary at B.C. at 10 p.m. ET. All 72 regular-season games and all five playoff games will be broadcast live on CBC or TSN. The networks released their 2007 schedules on Wednesday.

TSN has 50 regular-season games, including 11 double-headers, while the CBC has 22 regular-season contests plus the playoffs, including the Grey Cup game Nov. 25 in Toronto.

The CBC has doubleheaders on Labour Day and Thanksgiving Day weekends.

The season kicks off with a TSN doubleheader on June 28 with B.C. at Toronto and Winnipeg at Edmonton. The CBC lineup begins June 30 with Hamilton at Calgary.

The Blue Bombers are on CBC only twice, while the Tiger-Cats are on eight times and the Argonauts seven times.

So far, 16 of the 18 Montreal Alouettes games are confirmed to be aired live in French on RDS, but they hope to make arrangements to show the other two. Currently, a game on Sept. 29 at Saskatchewan and Oct. 27 at Calgary conflict with RDS plans to air the President's Cup golf tournament and an NHL game.

TSN will have at least 35 games available on high definition, mostly on Friday Night Football, which enters it's 11th season.

Starting in 2008, TSN will have rights to all regular-season and playoff games for the next five years.

The CBC has yet to finalize its broadcast team.

TSN has its familiar faces back, led by play-by-play man Chris Cuthbert and analyst Glen Suitor. Rod Black will call about 20 games.

Brian Williams remains as game host, with Dave Randorf as studio host with the panel of Chris Schultz, Matt Dunigan and Jock Climie.

Thats good news!

I would have been outraged if there had been even one game not on TV … once you televise them all, there’s no going back :wink: Anyway, I’m glad they’re all on TV again. Now I just hope there’s at least one game/week on CTV next year …

I'd like to see how CBC is gonna pull this off.
They have to scrape the bottom of the barrel just to broadcast a double-header.

Maybe theyr'e going to not have an on air crew for one or two of the games. Remember watching games during the media strike? LOL!


And all of TSN's games will be available on broadband. That's awesome news for fans who can't or don't get TSN.

...the CFL has officially made itself ridiculous.

HNIC stays on the air for six more years. And the CFL? It pulls a John Ziegler and makes an assinine deal that takes it off-air for that period. The NHL could've gotten more money for its American cable rights if the Stanley Cup were part of the deal. But they made a crumby deal with NBC to keep the Stanley Cup on the air. (Whatever else people criticize Gary Bettman for, I insist that they give him credit for the American television situation, especially when you contrast it with his predecessor's tenure.) But it's not so much the NHL deal that makes the CFL ridiculous. Canadians will be able to watch the NFL for free and will have to pay to watch the CFL. Remarkable.

Maybe Chris Walby will move to Play by Play! :twisted: :twisted:

Walby: " Duh, he's back to pass, wow, smash crash look he took his head ooff, oh what a warrior, burp, hey where's the cheese for my nacho's? Did I say what a warrior whoever it was is?"

I don't exactly know what you're talking about. I think it would help if you learnt some background information first. Namely, CTV owns TSN - I'm surprised you don't know that, considering the cross-promotion the two networks have. Hence, I would expect at least one CFL game per week, and likely all the playoffs, to be on CTV.

If not, I'll be very disappointed too.

CTV Sports is on the upswing (CFL, Olympics), CBC is not (just managed to hold onto HNiC, which CTV was pushing for).

If you have a complaint about being able to watch the NFL for free but not the CFL, I suggest you take it up with the TV networks, not the CFL ...

As for Bettman, perhaps he has done better than Ziegler or whoever in terms of getting the NHL on TV in the States. That still doesn't mean he's done WELL. What networks is it on? "Vs" and/or "OLN"? Yikes ... Never mind that NHL ratings tend to be destroyed when compared with the likes of pro bowling ...

Also, Ziegler led the NHL during a time when there were 8 Canadian teams and 13 American teams, none of which were in Texas or Florida, and barely two of which were in California. (Those were the good days.) Bettman has 11 more American teams to work with, spread all over the frickin map. Who's got the easier time with getting American TV coverage? Bettman, hands down. But it still s'ucks*. And to boot, so does the hockey.

Those were the best games to watch! It was like you were actually there in the stadium. The best part was you didnt have to listen to Lee or Walby either!

You must be in the states , because all of the games are shown either on CBC or TSN. The only time I have to pay is when the monthly bill comes for SaskTel Max. Unless I make it to a couple of Rider games this year, it will only cost me pennies a month to watch the CFL!

Alright, I assume you remember that little press conference wherein they announced that TSN would become the exclusive English television home of the CFL. That's all 72 regular season games, 4 playoff games, and the Grey Cup; starting next year. They mentioned that they considered putting the Grey Cup (nevermind any other game of any kind) on CTV, but decided against it.

Actually, to get the NFL, I need satellite or cable just as I do for TSN, so I don't get NFL games for free...
But I actually agree that the TSN deal was not the best deal for the CFL (aside from getting Walby off the air).
I think it might be a bit of a stretch to say it makes the league look ridiculous, however....