All for one! One for Moustache!!

So, how many out there are United by Fur with their favourite football team?

I'm pretty much option one and getting closer everyday to option six. :twisted:

Hang in there, brothas (and sistas?!?) keep it growin' and let's show the Rider's fans that not only do we support our Team unity, but look goooooood in the process... 8)

For inspiration: Lions moustaches - video by M. Petrie

For more lame gits and shiggles:

Put a moustache on your favourite Lion - The Province

Oh it's soooooo hurting, but at least the media is playing attention to the defending Champs.

This moustache thing is getting pretty funny. Did anyone see Wally on the Sports last night?

I have my stickon moustache all ready.. hubby is growing his but sloooowly.Cant wait .Go Lions Go

Hooooooo yeah, Sportsmen!!!

If you liked that, you'll love this:

Hey Wally, Love the Stache,...not! by Brendan McGuire

"Take Control of Your Cholesterol... and look Sexyrific too, Coaches Orders!"