all faces return

you now remember Prechae Rodriguez


I don’t!

Is this how cults are started?

Yup… had an outstanding rookie season then tailed off.

Troy cobbb n we all wore corn cobheads lol… Tom rosebach the next tom clements… Lets appreciate the class of 2019

Uncoachable. Traded to SSK . Uncoachable there too. Got SB Adam Nicholson in return who got concussion in pre season and retired.

DeAndra Cobb, Timm Rosenbach?

Not many wore Cobb heads and nobody thought Timm was the next Tom Clements.

Ur right deandre and yes he was gonna be when they signed hom face of the franchise

Rosenbach. “Ownership” at the time blew their share of TV, US expansion fees to sign the guy when there was a mountain of debt and pressing matters the team should have spent the money on.
Desperate times yes but astoundingly bad gamble and mismanagement in retrospect .
Cobb. Had some game but head and heart wasn’t in it. Those cob hats were 28 bucks. A hunk of dyed foam. Nice.