All downhill now for ALS--

This team has a good Defense, they are very good vs the RUN and decent in the secondary. They are small but QUICK and usually give excellent efforts allowing for the ALS to win games--

But as the season goes there are issues that I have uncovered with this team--

AC quite simply I will say it-- He is finished- He really is done this season- If you watch that late drive when Montreal had the ball at the 5 yard line of Winnipeg AC played like the Grey cup AC or the OLD AC, the one that has no TOUCH and just looks OLD--

Combine that with Trestmans predictable play calling also. AC might be the worst red zone QB in the history of the CFL--

AC has time, but in his head he is panicked and getting happy feet-- It takes time but every year this happens to AC, now his arm is SHOT, he cannot throw a deep pass-

Ac is finished, you will see now, he will start getting worse every week and losing games for the team. I dont trust AC and the ALS should look at Chris LEAK, Mcherson is a bust, he is not a Qb either---

AC is finished, if he played CGY they would shut him down so easily and just blanket receivers, basically all you have to do is front the receiver and AC cannot put any touch or place balls in tight spots--

This guy AC is the same old horse, he has no new tricks, he is easy to defend, predictable and his arm is getting worse--

Watch this friday at hamilton, and tell me if i am wrong, by the time halftime comes Hamilton will have Calvillo time down perfectly and will be all over his passes, they will start sacking him in the 3rd qtr and have him all figured OUT-- I guarantee that Greg Marshall will own CALVILLO---

The time happens ever year and I think Trestman's play calling is poor and he is also overrate bigtime--

Second most TDs in the history of the league means the worst red zone production in the league!!!!!

Another 5000 yard season says differently!
And you don’t understand what happy feet means

What games are those that he is losing? They are 9-2, should be 10-1! So where is he losing games?
And you base McPherson and Leak on what? Leaks 1 professional pass? The fact that McPherson was stopped once?

The have the highest point’s scored in the league! and the least scored against...not what I would call being shut down!

And yet they continue to win, and win, and win and have scored the most points in the league


You mean like the last time the Als beat Hamilton?

His 9-2 record says different

Please, If you want to rag on AC, at least come up with something that makes sence!

This is typical Montreal fan behavior…Win 10 in a row, lose the 11th and you are a bum.
Continue to win and fans complain they didn’t win by enough points!!!

Do not feed the troll.

He probably forgot to take his happy pill…

I agree. I am critical of AC as well but that was just too harsh and when he said MacPherson was a bust, that just confirmed he was trolling without a doubt.

I give it to you RO. If I had the magic eraser you have I think I might have gone to town and dealt with the flack from Bomber fans :lol: I think Cobra is toying with you...

Nice of you to protect the big man's honnor :wink:

I agree, Hfx. I think the snake man is trying to get under our collective skin.

And not just ours. . . he posts on several other boards as well, and always in a negative vein it seems. He thinks Richie Hall is a bad coach and should be fired, and he thinks that Wally Buono is a bad coach and should be fired (yes, that Wally Buono, the CFL's all time winningest coach).

He's the perfect example of an effective troll. His posts are long winded and jump from topic to topic, does not stick around and has no allegiance.

But he probably gets to become a famous contributor like Turkeybend :roll:

Maybe if we just ignore him, he will go away. :roll:

Coach that you???

This is like a playoff game tonight, I dont think AC can handle the intensity from Otis Floyd and Jamal Johnson. I think AC will play one of his usual playoff games and the Als will lose--

Tonight will prove whether AC might lead this team somewhere in the season or if he is basically finished for the year--

I suspect he will get happy feet and be rattled and wont have a good game and will be done this season-

Keep making predictions like that it seems to do a good job for the team maybe we will be able to put up 50 points in the next game if you come with another prediction like that

Bwahaha, where’s the cobra troll now? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Calvillo and the ALS made me eat my words. They are definitely not done this season and looking to be the best team in the CFL--

Hats off to Calvillo, he went nuts, if he plays like he does vs Hamilton they win the grey cup easy.

Cobra is just a troll. look at all iof his postings, he keeps on talking sh!t:


Anyone notice that cobra99 hasn’t said a word in awhile. I mean the Als wrapping up the East Division bye should be some cause for concern, shouldn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone on here about AC. But they did have an awesome team last year as well and look what happened in the GC. Quite honestly..the better team DID NOT win.

The D last year was nowhere near this years strenght, last O about the same, i disagree thta we are in the same position as last year. We are in way better position IMO.