all depends on o line

the o line needs to play great for a win they need to open holes for jesse which in turns sets up play the action pass and freezes the linebackers.which gives timmy time to read the defense,so all comes down to excution of assignments and picking up defensive schemes of rich stubler and a good center calls out blocking assigments for the rest of line and makes it easier on a helps if you have a good qb who can read well and good release or can scramble buy recivers more time to break the coverage. if the running game gets going we could do well.i know all this is said over and over again but hey its the key to a win.


Timmy has the tools.

It's the speed of his decision-making
that will determine his success.

Even Danny Mac, with his incredibly quick release
and decision-making speed, never got comfortable
going against the A____s outstanding defence.

If he doesn't get more time on Monday
than Jason was getting, Lord help us.