All Congratulate Dave Schoalts and the Globe & Mail - not!

Okay... no Argo fan here. And I've worked at a newspaper. But the "ahem" esteemed member of the press corps attends the Argo press conference and asks questions about Mike Babcock coming to the Leafs. I believe he may be a jerk.

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Why not "congratulate" him?

Just for fun - and because I'm not feeling well tonight and so have little energy to do other than sit, I DID choose to write.

Maybe he will get a wrist slap--- or he might even be congratulated by his boss.

[i]Ms. Richer,

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I fully understand the type of pressures that you face and the various voice that might attempt to gain your attention during the course of a day.

I used to work in a newsroom and so I also understand the pressure of trying to stay ahead of the competition and the need to "get a story".

However, Mr. Schoalts showed total disregard for the CFL and the Toronto Argonaut team today when he attended the presser for the announcement of the team's sale with the specific purpose of disrupting the conference in order to talk about the Lea's hiring of Mike Babcock. He was even proud enough of this disregard for what used to be journalistic standards to brag about what he did on social media.

Very sad for the Globe. Very unprofessional of Mr. Shoalts.

Yours Sincerely,[/i]