All black unis

Those Kraft Dinner orange numbers really stand out on the all black unis.

I'd rather see the yellow pants with the black jerseys.

Never liked it in any iteration of our jerseys. In fact, it still annoys me deeply each and every time that the team runs out of the tunnel and I see that they're wearing black pants again.

It's 30+ degrees at game time. I know, let's wear our all black uniform. :roll:

I prefer the gold pants also, but the black pants are much better than those awful white ones.
Saskatchewan had white helmets which I thought was rather odd, I didn't particularly like them either.
I'm much more of a traditionalist, don't mess with something that works. We won't even begin to rehash the discussion on the new logo.


Should be gold pants and nothing else. Those things make them look like they are wearing body suits. I have to say that Sask looked worse in all white

I thought the all white look was a pretty cool variation. The Ti-Cat's all black? Not so much.

TeddyFay wrote:

"It's 30+ degrees at game time. I know, let's wear our all black uniform."

There was a shot of Walker sitting on the bench after his long TD run, with his head down and just dripping sweat. He only looked up to pour water over his head.

I felt so sorry for those poor guys last night with the heat and all.

As I recall, last season, when they played the Riders here it was hot. So hot, TSN cracked an egg on the pavement nearby twice and they cooked.

I absolutely loved the all black look. I was a little lukewarm about the new uniforms but seeing that all black looked very menacing. Unfortunately it's the guys IN the uniforms that need to be more menacing. :smiley:

As I mentioned is a previous thread (re new uniforms?), I would like to reverse the present set up and see the home teams in white so fans could see the full colours of visiting teams instead of the present white with trim in the teams colours. (side benefit would be Cats could avoid black during the hot, humid weather in Southern Ontario at this time of the season).

Also for the TiCats to go with a second helmet. "Gold" (mustard/school bus yellow?) helmet with black jersey. Black helmet with white jersey. Both with "gold" pants.

But that's just me... :slight_smile:

The head on this didn't look right to me and then I realized why: it's Hank's head on Fantuz's body. :lol:

Yes, when I Photoshopped the gold helmet, I liked the similar angles used in the new uniform photos so I transplanted the heads/helmets. Didn't bother trying to fudge the numbers since it was the helmets I was concerned about :slight_smile:

I'll take any version of this unform over the eye sore's we've had to endure over the last few years...

The thing that bugs me so much about these uniforms is the lack of a stripe on our helmet. It just doesn't make sense. We slap 4 stripes on the sleeves, two thick stripes on our pants...but not one on our helmet? It just isn't aesthetically pleasing. We need to wear yellow pants with our blacks because the all black unis just aren't working.

Definitely prefer the gold pants with the black shirt. But the all black is better than the all gold.

And I totally agree with 2EZ about the helmet stripe. It would look much better with it there.

Helmet needs a stripe.

Gold Pants.

That's not an all black uniform. THIS is an All Black uniform. :wink:

Rhe biggest problem with Saskatchewan's helmet was the size of the helmet decal...too would look better in the older, bigger curcular "S" with the surrounding wheat stalks


Like the all black uni' not so much the cheesy yellow. :oops:

Of course, the last time the Cats went without a centre stripe on their helmets was the 1-17 season of 2003. Just sayin'... LOL

Gold helmets, gold pants forever, but I digress. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,