All because they couldn't move the ball 3 feet!

If B.C. wins their remaining 2 games but Calgary still edges out the Lions for top spot in the west this year they can blame this not on their dismal performance against Edmonton on Friday October 10 but on their terrible performance against Montreal last August 29. Were you there or did you witness it on TV? Do you remember when they had the ball on Montreal’s one yard line. On the last play of the game they couldn’t punch it in. Ahhhh…but Montreal gets a penalty. B.C. gets a reprieve. The football gods have smiled on B.C.

Once again last play of the game. B.C. tries to punch it and they’re stopped! What’s this??? The gods have spoken yet again? Another Montreal penalty? Ohhhh…the absurdity. But, what the hey. Who’s going to complain? B.C. gets a 3rd chance from the one! A THIRD ATTEMPT! Could they do it? Nope. But to add insult to injury B.C. was called for having no end so even if they’d gotten it in it would not have mattered. The penalty of course was declined and Montreal would go home happy campers. But do you know what that penalty against B.C. could have meant had they gotten the ball into the end zone? It would have meant that even though B.C. got a penalty they would have been granted yet a 4TH chance to score the game winning touchdown! But all because they couldn’t move the ball 3 feet in 3 attempts B.C. may well finish 2nd or even 3rd! Oh the shame of it. :oops:

Although BC is a little short in clinching first place, BC has the best chance at hosting west semi-final now. Still BC should be proud of its achievement. Playoff revenue may be similar. Also second place teams tend to have a 50% probability of advancing to grey cup game in recent years.

Beagle, all that you said is true, but to put a positive spin on things, I would rather see them make that mistake in the regular season, than in the playoffs. Hopefully they have learned from that mistake and in a similar situation they would try something different and get it in on the first attempt. Can't change the past and I was just as disappointed as you, here is looking ahead to great things! :thup:

So true Lionslip. If it happens in a playoff game it will be disastrous. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I hope the Lions take First place and this is why;

While some contend that it [playing a semi-fina] keeps them on their toes and keeps them sharp, playing a semi-final game will be brutal because everything is on the line. It opens the door to all sorts of things. The biggy is possible serious injury. Coming in First gives them that one more week to rest up, heal and recover. Of course that didn't help them much last year. :x I also think psychologically a team can be so up for the semi, win it and then scramble trying to muster up emotional momentum for the western Final. I know this doesn't always happens. In 2 of their Grey Cups the Lions actually placed 3rd and won it all! So, there you have it. :cowboy:

For the Lions to take first place, we need Hamilton to beat Calgary.......

Hopefully Calgary will be practicing Touchdown celebrations instead of Football. :? :?

However, nothing is impossible, But even a Ti-Cat win, we would have to beat both Toronto and Calgary (In Calgary).