all-american football league is all set

all-american football league is set to kick off this april :thup: does anybody know what states are getting teams????

not just yet, they haven't deceided if they want to play with NFL rules, or some of their own unique rules yet.

I am expecting this league to succeed maybe become a nice

I give it 3 seasons, max.

...hey KK, maybe they have a forum chat room you can know, to impress on this new league how their rules should be changed....

I have a feeling this All-American football league is being started up to replace the dying NFL Europe, which I read may be in its last season. So much for the NFL being a world game, eh?

And how long before Paul Godfrey is trying to get an All American franchise for Hogtown?

I don't think so, Berezin, the NFL has no affiliation with this league, and the new NFLE comiss (I believe he is a comiss, but more like a viceroy comiss since the NFL makes the big decision in the end) is conmited to make the NFLE a sound pro league in Europe.

NFL Europe is basically now NFL Germany. And the only reason it survives in Germany is because it is because of all the US military personnel stationed in Germany.

But until Europeans actually start producing their own football players, like they do hockey players, American football will be nothing more than a sideshow in Europe. Like soccer is in America. The NFL trying to spread its game around the world has been an absolute failure.

Come on Red, do you think Kanga will be lobbying for rule changes before they even start playing? :wink:

yes berezin, I agree that the NFL experiment has really, for the most part, failed. And soccer just seems to be getting bigger and bigger all the time worldwide, the NFL will never ever be as big as soccer is in my lifetime and probably never, soccer takes little money equipment wise and just about all countries regard it as their no. 1 sport in Europe.

It begs the question that at some point, maybe the CFL might want to consider changing to soccer - and yes, I am being serious, not because soccer is a better game but the young people of today are being raised more with soccer in Canada and I can only see this sport getting bigger here year after year.