All-American Football League in 2008- A Concern for CFL?

The CFL is somewhat like a small planet floating through outer space waiting to be hit by the next meteorite. Over the past few decades, several "meteorites" in the form of rival football leagues such as the WFL, USFL, XFL and NFL Europe have come and gone. While the CFL still feels the occasional hit from the Arena Football League, it has generally stayed the course, bruised but not beaten.

Well, here comes the next meteorite. In the Spring of 2008, the All-American Football League will begin play. The inaugural season of the AAFL will feature six teams all of which are league-operated: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Tennessee and Texas. Their regular season schedule will run from April 12, 2008 to June 14, 2008, overlapping the 2008 CFL pre-season.

The AAFL is attempting to draw on the huge amount of fan interest in NCAA football. Each of the the teams will be composed primarily of former NCAA players who played at colleges located in the same state as the AAFL city in which they will play.

The AAFL has already held some player tryout camps will hold more of them over the next few months. For example, over 300 players attended a tryout camp at Ford Field in Michigan in mid-September, 2007. Former Argo backup quarterback Eric Crouch has been signed by the league and former Florida State quarterback Chris Leak is apparently on the verge of signing.

It will be interesting to see how much of an impact the new AAFL will have on the quantity and quality of the import players in the CFL in 2008 and subsequent years. Moreover, with the advent of the AAFL, the CFL will face increased competition for U.S. television coverage of spring and early summer football next year and beyond.

Other than maybe making the import pool shrink a bit I don't see this affecting the CFL too much. As you say we have weathered the storm before and there is lots of college-level football to watch already.

The new league if it ever gets off the ground will be as significant for the CFL as a pimple on the butt of an elephant.

An ARgo-Cat fan

If anything, assuming it comes about, it should be a good thing for the CFL. It would be a great place to scout a whole lot of players at one time. If they find guys they think can play here, they would already be in game shape. Like getting good NFL cuts early. Bonus!

The CFL might as well fold if they're even remotely worried about some 6 team league south of the border.

The UFL will be more threat if it ever gets off the ground

Owners like Mark Cubin taking Team
There after FA and Late Round NFL Picks
Same players the CFL Normally Wants

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USFL, WFL, XFL, NFL Europe were all predicted to be the demise of the CFL.
(Check out who’s still standing!!!)

The States is a football factory with literally thousands of colleges with football teams. The surplus of football players is huge. I'm glad some of these players will get a shot at making a living playing football. As far as the effect on the calibre of players in the CFL,it can only enhance, as scouting will be made easier with the exposure of players in the new league.

With the Canadian dollar being as strong as it is, it should not deter US born players from coming north.

Also, knowing the CFL has been around for a century, that should serve notice it is a stable league that is not going to fold, unlike the aformentioned leagues that did just that.

CFL need have no worries about this new league. If it were a competitive threat, the NFL would pour money into competing it out of existence before it got a single season in.

If this league succeeds the CFL will trudge on but instead of signing 3rd string professional football players to play 1st string, they will have to be content with 4th stringers. Pretty soon, in Canada, the Canadian colleges will be drawing from the CFL, enticing players with free further education.

I really think that their fan base (AAFL’s) will be dismal. Plus, if the Americans don’t like the quality of football, they will not show up for games (See XFL).

NCAA football is so popular because of their traditions and longevity in those schools and areas.

I am not certain that this AAFL will be able to draw the same crowds just because they are in Arkansas. That is, so many people go to NCAA games because it is their school and if you don’t go and cheer like a madman or crazy girl you are square. Pro-football doesn’t have that same appeal.

Does that make any sense? Cuz it does to me.

Looks like another new football league doomed for failure...can't wait to see the Arkansas Wal-Mart Stars vs. the Alabama Smokin' Ribs!

The only way the CFL will be threaten is if another league lauched in Canada. With the AAFL and UFL leagues starting up, you won't see canadians dashing out of Canada to attend these games. Canadians will still want to watch CFL games and i don't blame them. The CFL style of play is way more exciting than the American style.

I really don't think it would be a huge problem, except the talent might get a little watered down. However, it would then give the chance possibly for a lot more Canadians to get the positions and real talent exposed.

I wouldn’t worry about this - it pretty much just replaces NFL europe, at least until it folds in a year or two. :stuck_out_tongue: