All Aboard!

This is the Bomber BandWagon, who'd like to jump back on?

By the way - did you see that shirt Kelly was wearing? The nerve of the guy, on Friday Night Football yet!
Had to think of something bad to say about him for you guys!

The QB didn’t lose the game for us… that’s all the Bombers need. We all know what Reid is capable of (especially after tonight) and what the defense can do… when the quarterbacking doesn’t completely suck, the Bombers are a good team.

…We played a solid game…at last…nice to get a win…and i hope we can keep it going…Ya can’t say we don’t have a running game… :thup:Congrats Freddie on the team record…

The offense should improve now every week. Do not be fooled, BC Lions are a good team! It may just be that the Bombers are finally coming together! That is what I think.

The only thing that worries me is that Bombers are going to think they can roll up record running yardage each week, it aint going to be like that every week, it`s not possible!

I also liked what I saw from Bishop, Ralph and Edwards...etc

Did we throw the ball to the RB`s? I do not think so, but that could be good also.

were still going to need more from the qb position to be a contender this season, but still good game for bish, with the D we have we need an offense that can manage the game and not give the opposition free points.. so seeing no ints is a plus..

but when we meet a team that can shut down or limit our run game bishop and our pass game are going to need to be a lot better to make a run this season...

but hey its still the begining of the season for mb.. and hopefully he's only going to get better...
i still i think we need one more talented reciever to join this group... to provide a little competition for everyone else... and it wouldnt hurt because bowman and bryant still havent really impressed me.. not when you look at edmonton,calgary,sask, mtl and the plays those guys are making out there game in and game out.