All Aboard the Reynolds Express....... 185 yards rushing a single game record so far this year?.....not all-time but for this year?.....JR is back in form, good for my team, bad for yours.....

......and a tip-o-the-hat to Coach M up in Edmonton who along with Lancaster Jr. felt Wimprine only deserved Practice Squad status......thanks guys, hope you didn't cough and sputter in your nightcap as young Dannyboy effectively earned his paycheck........

RedandWhite, I'm not a sore loser, and don't get blow a gasket with what I'm about to say, but I can't believe how we lost that game. That's two lucky wins in a row for the Stamps.
It was sickening the way the ball was bouncing for your team, not to mention the influence your team had on the penalty calls. And I noticed that your players were better prepared in the footwear department.
What the hell kind of turf is that? That Astroturf crap from the 1970's.
I guess your team was destined to win on that night.

RedandWhite, if my memory doesn't play tricks on me, I think Charles Roberts had a 195 yards rushing night no so long ago. So Reynold wouldn't be the recordman for the year... yet. Nonetheless, he gave a great performance.

By the way, Troy Davis ran for 231 yards in last year Labour Day game. Is that a CFL record?

This years best rushing game was C Roberts Winn VS Mtl with 195

.......didn't think it was a record, but close..... offence on the comments supersmith, I rarely blow gaskets...... lucky? yes, I'd have to agree that every win comes with a certain amount of luck, but our D was playing well and the O followed a simple game plan that happened to be effecfive, so can't pin it all on luck......I'm not so sure on the penalty thing though, I saw a couple gade tugs and pulls on stamp receivers that went missed as well....

..........on the turf item, it is widely known the green stuff that covers the playing surface of McMahon is the worst in the CFL, perhaps all of professional the night wore on it became colder and a layer of condensation on the field began to freeze up.......I'm not sure if Calgary changed their shoes at halftime but it was something that caught both teams off-guard to a certain extent......chalk it up to the first time most of these players have played in cold conditions this year......

If memory serves me right, isn't the turf we saw last nite in Calgary the same one they used for the Grey Cup in 2000? I don't think its been changed since then.

......last night at halftime they paraded a bunch of ex-Stampeders out onto the feild in fancy convertibles, each car representing hte year or era the player inside played in....a 2001 S2000 for Vince Danielsen......a '86 mustang for Will Johnson.....etc, etc, get the picture?......the two guys in the '45 Willys looked at the field and reminisced about their various bloodstains here and there......

That is the same turf as was used in the GC ... but I hear there are plans to replace it with FieldTurf very soon, perhaps by next year (in fact, I think it is supposed to be done by next year but I'm not 100% sure).

Supersmith, I've got to say that I don't think that was a lucky win by the Stamps. Both teams had to play on the same turf, and I think there were some very questionable calls made against the Stamps, and a couple of non-calls that could've been made on the Renegades, too. I'm a Stamps fan, and you're a Gades fan, so to have the both of us claim that the calls went the other team's way shows that the reffing didn't play a factor. And, the Stamps did put up 22 unanswered points.

I love the Renegades, almost as much as the Stamps, but they weren't unlucky last night ... just bad.

Back to our turf, it is one of the older ones in the League, if not the oldest - actually, I think it is the oldest, since I think Regina replaced theirs after we did ours. But it sure isn't from the 70's! That turf is not even 10 years old, that's for sure. But I agree, it will be nice when we get fieldturf put in. It's just us and Saskabush with the astroturf now, I think ...

The all time single game rushing record was at one time about 265yards(i’m not sure exactly) held by… Sean Milllington when he played for the eskimos
I actually think Renyolds is a great back but it shows how good the eskimos run defense is that we held him to like 20 yard in two games. I know I Know I make everything about the eskimos. Good Job JR
(You Guys don’t know how hard it is to say something nice about anything in Calgary)

.....thanks for opening up your heart like that huby........ :lol: .......

All Aboard the Roberts Express

Didnt Ronnie Stewart (Ottawa Rough Riders) get 280 yards in a single game way way back in time? I could be wrong

ya Ronnie Stewart had had 287 yards rushing in a single game in 1960

AHH HAA i new it..was also the year he was chosen outstanding Canadian..Thanks Stegall fan

miiingtons probably was an edmonton record...... if I have the facts straight .... which I might not

Here I found it
287 Ron Stewart, Ott. (15 carries) Ottawa at Montreal Oct. 10, 1960
268 George Reed, Sask. (30 carries) Saskatchewan at B.C. Oct. 24, 1965
249 Blaise Bryant, Wpg. (34 carries) Winnipeg at Hamilton Sept. 17, 1994

Millingtons was 225 an eskimo record. I'm pretty sure the previous record was held by Damon Alllen

wow 287 in 15 carries. Thats insane. thats a 19 yd avg. Montreal must have really sucked or thats a misprint.

Montreal probably really sucked that game...