All aboard the good ship ARGONAUT

Ding, ding, ding...just passing through. We have room for 500 on board..

Oh if only you were just passing through......

See ya!... DEFINITELY wouldn't wanna be ya

It'll be "just passing through" Niagara Falls on labour day... so no thanks. :wink:

There's still room. Wear you black t, it's close enough to Blue.

Get a like ............... Are you not aware the Argos S(*&^


don't let the door hit you on the way out. :wink:

Sure, I'll jump long as I get to bring a torch to set the thing on fire.

Sorry Bob.
Argos will always s**k and I'll always be a Cat fan.

I'd rather drown a Ti-Cat than sail aboard that ship.

How can you say that Argos suck? How many times have the Cats beat them in the past 10 or so years…maybe 5. Who sucks?

Don't feed the trolls.

BTW... Admins... I find the name "cunny" offensive... I can give a full explaination in a PM

His name is almost as offensive as his attitude

Should be banned .............

Positive proff - monkeys have cohabitated with chickens..... Ding ding for the ding bat bus. ;)

Oski Wee Lifeboat,

AHAHAHAHAA... That's the funniest thing I've read all week. PURE GOLD!

Everyone knows that I'm not a fan of the forbidden chant but this 'name' makes that look like something called out at a Sunday School picnic (and I should know- I've been at my share of them).


How do we contact the mods do we have to PM them ?

How can you find the name offensive? You must have a warped mind. It is a derivative of my last name.

No doubt, your last name is Cunningham?

I suspect it's like Woody, which is a derivative of his last name and, likewise, could also be deemed equally offensive. :wink: