All 72 CFL games on T.V.

BRAIN WILLIAMS , joins Friday Night Football! :thup:

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this is one of those times where I wish I lived in Canada, I'll only be able to only see one game tonight, and it's not the Bomber one.

do you have satellite. radio?

It is on SIRIUS radio.

no, and it's not on Sirius radio, just look at the home page. :cry:

is it too late for me to run to Canada and/or Detroit?

the only game I have on my TV right now is the Hamilton/TO game.

really , sorry about that. :cry:

come to my house and watch. :lol:

Don't feel bad. I have zero games tonight (or tomorrow, or next week, etc) via Time Warner Cable. I saw where Direct TV in my area has two games this weekend. I gotta switch to DTV!

Cute couple !


I didn't know that you were into that kind of thing. :lol:

HT and I are just friends, m'k?

Pack, sry to here that, I should be more considerate.