All 4 Games This Week Were Very Entertaining

I enjoyed watching all 4 games this week.

Sure, there may be problems with the officials, but that is nothing new.

The football was high quality, the hits were hard and all teams played with a high level of passion and intensity.

The season gets more interesting each week.

I disagree. As the season goes on it seems the refs are the limelight of the games. The CFl has to fire George Black these refs have got be the worst in decades.
As far as the teams playing yes they could be entertainment!

You're right to a point.

After all, you could have made the exact same statement last year at this time about the refs.

It's a problem that needs to be addressed.

But in spite of the refs, the great game of Canadian football seemed to somehow break through and outshine all the controversy.

The two top games for entertainment were the Montreal/Toronto game, and the Edmonton/Calgary. The other two were exciting in a different way in that, the two winning teams defeated the two top teams in their division and quite soundly.
The reffing has been poor in the past, but now it is just spiraling downward, with no hope in site, as we know the CFL brass will do nothing about it.

Let's play with no refs then and use the honours system (e.g. players admit when they hold and interfere etc.) Yipee - no more refs!!!

All of you were wrong. The best game this week was the one where my Riders won!

I would disagree with that. :wink:

The honour system.... with AJ Gass. Okay sure Turkey! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

the honour system with Rob Murphy or Jason way....

Yeah, I think the Ti-Cats game was probably one of the best.

The Edmonton/Calgary game was disappointing. Stupid penalties, stupid play-calling. It could have been a good game. Here's hoping the Labour Day games are better.