Alienated NFL fans?

With the NFL pushing regular season games outside of the U.S., one has to wonder at what point do they start alienating their own fans. We all know Bills fans aren't happy at the prospect of losing a game to Toronto. I'm sure Dophin fans are no happier with their team playing a 'home game' in London this week.

Patriot owner Bob Kraft has a different slant on the idea. He says, "It will give fans a chance to watch a home game on TV in a way they don't (normally) get."

When you are as wealthy as these guys are, there's no need to worry about the average fan who helped to build your empire.

Thats all that matters

If the NFL goes to TOronto USA - Football is finished for me - a "superior" team in the "superior" USA wantabe city ... no thanks ... I do like rugby though...