Ali Mourtada grateful to still be employed

As of yesterday, disgraced Bomber FG kicker Ali Mourtada is still on the bomber roster.
Obviously, Mike O'Shea living up to his reputation as the CFL's stubbornest coach.
Most teams would have handed this guy an apple and a bus ticket out of town after his last woeful performance - but HEY, NOT THE BOMBER COACH.

In a strange twist, O'Shea might be really trying to roster inferior guys this weekend, in order to come out of Edmonton with a loss. How is this possible?

Easy answer. While not technically trying to 'throw the game' O'Shea realizes his team is on the verge of clinching 1st place - meaning up to 4 meaningless games prior to hosting the western final. A set up if there ever was to be fat 'n sassy.

Best way to avoid this and re-focus his squad is dressing an inferior man like Mourtada, lose a tight game cuz your field goal kicker crapped out and re-establish a tight ship vs. a bunch of guy livin' and dancin' in Swaggerville.

Just a theory. Have to see how it plays out. O'Shea is smart enough to realize throwing a game (for whatever purposes) is verboten in pro sports. But pumping in a lesser guy who might only kick 1/5 in FGs plus have a couple of his run back for big yards isn't against any rules.

Personally, I hope the bombers win out - show great focus and have a 1 loss season w/ a great victory at home in the West final and a repeat Grey Cup victory. But winning out with nothing on the line until that West final is a huge ask. O'Shea definitely knows it.

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Worst part about it for Ali Mourtada is that when he’s inevitably fired by the Bombers he won’t be able to collect unemployment because it’ll definitely be a for cause termination.


He's just doing it for 'kicks' anyway. :smiley:

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Bombers need to shore up their kicking game. If not that could kill them in the playoffs.

U got dat right! Bombers first opponent will be a team coming off a playoff win and inspired by the mere thought of generating a massive upset in late November at IGF Stadium. Things generally tighten up in playoffs and leaving 9 to 12 pts on the field could certify the Bombers doom!

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