Alfieri: Reinebold brings big play ability to Als

New Montreal Alouettes special teams coordinator Jeff Reinebold has seemingly been coaching football forever. Of course, that isn’t the case, but he’s made stops all over Canada, the United States and even Europe since his career on the sidelines began in 1981 at Western Montana College.

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Hard to believe that Jeff's been kicking around the CFL for over 30 years, where does the time go?


Another great piece .

Well, no one can say that Steinauer hasn't made changes after another Grey Cup loss. I am pleased to see that he is not allowing moss to grow - I just hope he has as good or better people to fill in the spaces. Giving the Cats a different look should make it interesting this year. Oskee-wee-wee!

He's playing??!!! Wow, and at his age too.

Craig Butler was Reinbold Assistant coach and was Ticats Assistant ST Coach before Reinbold came back to the Ticats also so there fine at ST Coaching Wise

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When Montreal’s venue is full it’s loud in there and is as good an environment as you’ll ever have. Huh? What about Mosaic, IG Field and even THF Jeff?

I always liked Jeff as a person when he coached in Winnipeg. As a coach, not so much. Montreal fans might want to prepare for giving up unnecessary single points late in two point games.

When Jeff coached in BC he used to sleep in his office for the night. It was thought that was a testament to his dedication, and then got hired by the Bombers as head coach. Looking back in hindsight it might have been that he couldn't afford to pay his rent.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smile: Kidding aside Jeff is a football coach for real. He can only improve a team.

Jeff Reinebold saying all the right things but can he deliver? Hamilton special team wasn't great in 2021. I think the reason that he left because he and Orlondo didn't get along. All the best to you Reinebold!