Alexis Serna

Looks as though Serna is focused and doing great in training camp, can this kid be one of Berry's Gems? Without the in your face coach like Berry around, Serna looks more focused and happy to be on the field, here is the story from

Second year placekicker Alexis Serna has been having a very solid training camp so far. Not only has Serna been impressive in his field goal kicking, but his punting has been stellar as well. The Oregon State product spent the off season working on his leg strength in Oregon.

“I hit the weights hard, did a lot of squats, did a lot of stuff for hamstrings and all that so I can hit the ball the best I can every single time,? Serna said.

Serna made 32 of 48 field goals last season for a percentage of 66.7 in a year he calls “difficult?, as he reflected on 2008.

“Well it was my rookie season; I was away from my fiancé and thousands of miles away from my family for the first time. It definitely was tough in that sense because I got home sick.?

Serna is competing with veteran Dan Giancola and North Carolina State product Bradley Pierson for the kicking job this season, and says they’re all helping each other out.

With new head coach Mike Kelly bringing in a laid back approach with his players, Serna thinks that his new coach’s attitude will be a benefit to him and says he is really taking to Mike Kelly’s style.

“I love it. It reminds me of Coach Riley (former Bomber head coach) back at Oregon State,? he said. “They’re very similar in coaching styles and those were my best years in football

When asked about a specific goal he has for this season, the Upland, California native had this to say:

“Well generally I want to hit about 80%, obviously you always want to hit higher, but around 80% is what I try to aim for.?

Bomber director of player personnel John Murphy weighed in on Serna’s situation with his thoughts.

“Well he had a bit of an ankle problem the first couple of days of camp, but we’re happy he’s back and full-go this afternoon,? Murphy said. “Now we’ll see if he can hold off the two other guys (Pierson and Giancola).

Murphy says that if they do go with Serna, he will be doing all three kicking duties of punting, field goals and kickoffs, but is also confident in Serna’s abilities, saying he was a “very above average? kicker in college. Murphy also said that both he and head coach Mike Kelly feel that Serna didn’t receive any favors with the way he was treated last season.

“Well, when you miss you know you missed,? Murphy said. “And I anticipate that we will handle things differently in the sense that you have to give the guy your full confidence when he is your guy. You can’t badger someone to the point that you think he is going to get better just because you’re telling him he’s out the door if he doesn’t?.

I will give Doug Berry credit for making Serna a man.

Hopefully he doesn't get homesick this season. (puking emoticon)