Alexander Donovan

Can anyone provide information on Alex Donovan. The Als websight, which is very very inadequate, notes that AD tried out with the NFL in 08 before signing with the Als. I would apprecriate hearing from anyone who knows about his four years in North Dakota. What did he accomplish with that team, what position did he play, and any other information on his football career?

I believe it is time someone in the organization updated the player profiles.

He played cornerback in college. Very athletic but needs to work on the "physical" aspect of the game...

Donovan Alexander. 3rd round draft choice of the Als in 2007. CB who signed with Seattle Seahawks last April; was released in late June and then joigned the Als. 23 years old. Ran the 40 in 4.4


I agree that the Als website is not the best for information. You, on the other hand, seem to be on top of things. Could you recommend some websites where I can get info?

No website in particular; I try to stay inform; receive many newspapers, including Pro Football Weekly. Many fans are well informed.

I you return to June 30,on this "site" re: Als sign 3 players you will have all information needed on Donovan Alexander.


he was a three year starter with UND and his fastest time is for the 40 is 4.36 he was also 3rd leading overall in the last two years with UND in tackles
and holds the record at UND for the indoor 60 mtre track and field also won a gold in the 100 meter for the Western Canada Games and Silver for the 200 metre. Hes known a a cover corner