Alex Trebek diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer; passes away at age 80

Alex Trebek diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer

Wow… that’s… he’s a strong dude.

Not good. Hopefully it’s treatable and he can still live many years.

Yes not good .

Not treatable in terms of life extending too long from what I have seen .

Always liked his style as host .

He will eventually pass away with the same dignity and integrity that he has lived.

I hope he makes his goal of 3 more yrs plus.

Alex Trebek passes away
Watched it religiously for decades
A true Champion of Canada!

What is another reason 2020 has been crap?

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Really sad to hear. Knew he was sick but didn't think it was that advanced.

Yes year 2020 just keeps on giving and I want a gift receipt

the world has just got somewhat emptier

tons of respect for AT, both the person and entertainer

The only show I religiously watch is Jeopardy. RIP Alex Trebek.

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When I met my wife a “few” years back, she made a point of watching Jeapordy.
We would watch the show whenever we could.
His last taped show was on October 29th and the last show will be aired on Christmas day.

RIP Alex Trebek.


Ex TiCat Peter Dyakowski was on Jeopardy,
He crashed and burned, but he was there! :tiger:


I remember Art Fleming as the host. That means I've been watching for 56 years. It was a must watch in our house when I was young.

Many smart people crashed and burned on Jeopardy. It isn't just about knowledge. Quick recall is paramount. I have been using it to help my recall ever since I had heart surgery. You need to think fast.

One of my favourite skits of all time from one of my all time favourite shows of all time SCTV . It still cracks me up every time I watch it . Apparently it was also one of Alex Trebek favs of all time . Enjoy !!!


Thanks bobo,
I just snarfed my coffee!

Thanks Bobo. Great skit.

And then there was the SCTV show 'The Half Wits'. It parodied Jeopardy. I still laugh.

Your right the original was more of parody of Reach for the Top for CDN High Schools on TV.

Alex hosted Reach for the Top at one time .

The second was Half Wits on SCTV then third Norm McDonald asked permission to use the skit on SNL .

All using Alex as host of course .

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Good stuff, Jasmine.

I was supposed to represent our high school on Reach for the Top but I got yanked because of my attendance record. :laughing:..... Our team went nowhere. Maybe I could have helped. :wink:

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You would have made the difference they probably had too many one area of concern folks who didn't learn to skip some classes . Haha .

My neighbour was a bit of a loner but she was extremely smart and did very well . It was kinda neat seeing her on TV .

They are looking for some Canadian content not sure why they wouldn't keep R for the T especially CBC . The students were not paid and I am sure the teachers loved making up the questions .

I enjoyed it back then especially seeing the local high school kids on TV .

You could also develop another great host like Alex Trebek .

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