Alex Suber traded to Argos for Thad Gibson

Per the bombers Darren Cameron:

Darren Cameron ?@Darren_Cameron 19m

TRADE: #Bomber have acquired INT defensive lineman Thaddeus Gibson from Toronto, in exchange for INT defensive back Alex Suber.

New DL for a decent DB who couldn't crack the lineup. Suber gets reunited with Tim Burke.

Some skinny on the new DL:

Thaddeus Gibson 6'2, 243 pounds | Outside linebacker | Ohio State

Strengths: Has very good quickness off the snap. Builds on his quickness around the edge and is a dangerous closer. Gets really low on his pass rush to move under the tackle. Works really well to the inside on stunts because of his athleticism. Can start and stop on a dime. Makes a lot of plays in the backfield. Good tackler. He's not the biggest player, but he's stronger than his size suggests. He has enough power to hold his spot on the line.

Weaknesses: Will need to shift from college defensive end to pro outside linebacker. Even though he started his college career at linebacker, there may be some period of adjustment, particularly in his technique. Has already put 35 pounds onto his frame since starting college and may be maxed out. Shows some poor run recognition skills and at times looks uninterested. Bites a lot on misdirection. may struggle to learn a playbook – needed a teammate to move him to the correct gap too often.

Final word: Gibson was a surprise early entrant in the draft. At this point in his development, he may purely be a pass rusher. He struggles reading run keys and is an unknown in pass coverage. He's almost exclusively a 3-4 linebacker and will need to be coached up.

Very versatile defender. Projects very well to a 3-4 outside linebacker. Has experience starting at both defensive end and outside linebacker. Uses his hands well to keep blockers at bay while flowing to the ball. Excellent instincts. Solid tackler. Explosive first step when rushing the passer. Can flow through traffic to the ball. Does a nice job reading screens and play actions. Appears quicker than fast on tape and has pretty good range for coverage. Played a lot of special teams.


Doesn’t have a wide array of pass rush moves. While he’s a reliable tackler, he’s not a big hitter. Will take poor angles in pursuit. Straight line speed is only adequate. Needs to further develop and could have used another year at the college level. Only average coverage ability. Can get over-aggressive at times and over-run the play.


Gibson is a guy that will immediately come in and play special teams for an NFL team and could see time as a situational player at first. He needs to further develop his pass rush technique but I could easily see a 3-4 team drafting him earlier than his grade suggests. Gibson has very high potential and if he develops, he could be a nice outside backer for a 3-4 defense. Could also project as a will linebacker in a 4-3 defense, but will need to work on his skills in coverage.

Good for Suber, he's been a solid team guy over the years and deserves a shot somewhere else if he wasn't in the Bombers plans. Don't know anything about Gibson; hopefully he turns out to be a player they can use.

Agreed on Suber. Some veteran players would have been griping had they not been in the lineup (ahem Korey Banks) but he didn't complain, at least not vocally, to those outside of the organization, came in every day and worked. Have to respect that. For the Argos he probably slots into the spot formerly manned by Dwight Anderson released last week. The Argos were torched for over 300 yards by Collaros on the weekend and clearly weren't happy with that.

Suber was a luxury as the new DBs like Johnson, Unamba, Randle have all played well, including Leggett at safety. We still have Sears as well to fit into the lineup and Marty Markett at backup. We needed help on the Dline, hopefully Gibson can do that. He slots in as primarily a rush end. Curious what this might mean for Vega who, despite his injury issues this year, was thought to have been a healthy scratch for the LDC by the local reporters. 3 sacks for Vega, 4 for Peach, I wonder if they think they haven't delivered well enough. You look back to Etch's defense with the Riders and his ends like Chick were at the top of the sack list.

....Someone is going to lose their job on the D line if Gibson works out....We're looking for change and it has been identified as a problem area....Don't know how good Gibson is against the run but we're going to find out...He apparently is a better pass rusher and I thought we were looking for a run stopper.????maybe he's both :roll: On Suber....going to miss the little guy...He came to play every game and although he gave up quite a bit when trying to cover tall receivers, he made up for it with some tough and aggressive play...So long Sube....hope it all works out for you in T.O. :thup:

Just another unconventional, undersized player for etch's crazy d. Basically, a meaningless move for the Bombers.

In addition to Gibson they now bring back Willie Moseley, a training camp cut, and Marvin Booker. Both are DEs though they're the tweener types that can play a bit of LB apparently. Booker was in the the Stamps TC last year apparently. Think these two additions plus Gibson again go to show they're not happy with their ends in Peach and Vega. I wonder if they're looking at the ends not helping enough to contain the run as one of their issues.

Containing the run and rushing the passer both need improvement. Wasn't too impressed with Vega before he left for the Patriots and don't see much improvement in his play since he's been back.

Read somewhere that newcomer Gibson took 3 offside penalties versus the Bombers earlier this season......hope he doesn't repeat that performance any time soon.

Sounds like Booker and Moseley are practicing. No offsides yet for Gibson though, he still hasn't gotten to the line of scrimmage yet as he's still in TO.

.....Booker and Howard weren't too pleased with each other in practise today...Maybe he told Howard he resembled a pylon and should be roadside and headed back stateside... I like it...We need someone extra mean on the D line...Seems Booker is trying to make an early name for himself....Good sign as long as it translates to some fiery play during a game AND he has talent to go with it.... :roll: