Alex Singleton signs with the Philadelphia Eagles

Big news if true, who does Calgary have to fill that hole now?

Holy HOLES in Calgary’s roster.
If Bo Levi Smith and Singleton both exit Calgary, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Outstanding player and a NAT to boot!!
I don’t think he will be coming back to the CFL any time soon, if ever.

CGY is having some issues with losing players

So far the Stamps have officially lost Alex Singleton (Philadelphia), Marken Michel(Philadelphia), Jason Vaughters(Chicago), Jameer Thurman(Chicago) . Add in Bo Levi in the unofficial category (for now) and it looks like Calgary is going to have more than a few holes to plug for next season moving forwards .

Being the huge Stamps fan that I amall’s I have to say on the subject is gee that’s a shame . ::slight_smile: ;D

“Signed with? does not always equal “playing for?. These fellows would not be the first to be cut from their prospective NFL teams, and later additions to the CFL.

Hufnagel and crew have a tremendous ability to scout talented players. The Stamps have lost many quality players over the years only to pick up right where they left off. Nik Lewis, Cornish, Hughes, and so on.

That’s a good point.

Even if one or both of them comes back to the CFL this year… it likely won’t be until late August or September. Calgary is missing their best O and best D player. That’s a pretty big hole.

I think it’s fair to assume Calgary will be in contact with the QB’s and LB’s on their neg list, as well as of course having their radar up on the free agent market. I’m not even sure which Ticat LB’s are free agents.

My guess is they put an American in Singleton’s spot, and start a Canadian somewhere else.

Unfortunately all 3 starting LB’s (Lawrence,Dean,Unamba) are set to become FA’s if not signed by the Cats . One would think that with Singleton being a MLB that if the Stamps target any of our 3 starters in FA that they would zone in on possibly signing Dean away from us .

Ironically a few years back the Stamps signed our then starting MLB Tank Reed in FA . We replaced Reed in the lineup with Dean and he has started ever since .

In another twist of fate the Stamps cut Reed halfway thru that same season and replaced him in the starting lineup with none other than Alex Singleton .

Most of them will show up in CFL around Labour Day or sooner.

Dean really seems to like the situation in Hamilton, so I would hope that helps keep him here. FA players who like the culture of their existing team will tend to stay for less than offered elsewhere.

Also… everyone hates moving! :slight_smile:

I’m liking your logic CFF! Not saying we’re right, but I’m definitely liking it. :slight_smile:

This may just be me being Mr. Positive but I seem to recall looking at our website in other yearsand seeing playerhigh lite packages from the previousseason . Why would the club advertise players that they haven’t signed or don’t have an agreement to sign ?

Presently the videos show : Brooks, Tasker, Daley, Dean, Laurent, Unamba, Banks, and Alex Green.

I’m hoping this is a pattern . :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old beer keg is half full kind of guy)

He qualified as a NAT but he was born in Thousand Oaks, California and learned and played football in the US. Basically he is an international that qualified as a NAT because his mother is Canadian. He may be back sooner than you think, he already had previous stints with Seattle, New England and Minnesota and couldn’t stick. Good Luck to him.

That’s true.