Alex Hall

I can't see the Riders sitting Chick not National Foley...think there is any interest here? The Riders DL is one of the better they have ever had thus far.

Lee has looked pretty darned solid in there when he plays
George is on pace for his best season
Foley could battle for his best season, but is playing great either way, and you need his National status
Walker has been playing pretty darned well
Guyton looks to have potential

Hall is obviously an asset to any team, but it likely means moving Chick inside again.

would there be a serious push for this? Great player...but the line is doing great and does have depth.

I'd go with Chick anyday!! Why fix what's not broke!!

Oh, I agree...but last season they managed to get Chick, Foley and Hall on at the same time. I still say all is well as is, but you know it is being discussed on some level.

I don't doubt that, but right now I think there efforts are on getting Dressler back!! They may give hall a look after that, but Why is my question!!

Well...because this is in all likelihood Foley's last season. He darned near didn't come back this year.

Wow that would be a stretch in my opinion. Hall was nothing spectacular last year for us and to move Chick and disrupt his game for Hall? I DON"T THINK SO. Way too much cashola especially if were going for Dressler. Hell if there was any thought of going for Hall and that money could be used to guarantee Dressler I wouldn't want to be in the Riders head office.

The D line is not an issue in my opinion. If Hall said he would come back for chicken feed then fine but all the focus is I'm pretty confident in getting Weston wearing number 7 (heck or any number he wants for that matter) in Green and White.

The uproar that would be raised if it got out that we didn't sign Weston because we tried to get him and Hall would probably shatter every window from Estevan to La Ronge. This is one time I think the Riders pretty much have to put all the eggs in one basket especially with the chance of Sheets playing anywhere now totally gone. Basically it's "Weston or Bust"

Nope sorry just can't see it.

There comes a price point where Dressler will not be signed. I don't pretend to know what that is, but there are 250k offers supposedly in the midst. Is 250 too much...prorated for this into the larger cap next 300K...yeah, you are probably starting to talk too much.

Hall didn't have great numbers with the Riders, but he had stunning numbers with the Bombers. He is an asset to any team in the CFL. Like I said...I lean towards not going after him, but of course management is going to review him along with other released players.

Derrell Johnson, Damien Thigpen, Terrell Thomas, Deon Anthony...just a few names that people will toss around.