ALEX Hall returns

Riders were busy shorng up the defense this morning with the signings of Hall Mc Dougall and LB Joash Geese. have no clue about Geese but McDougall should help on ST and Hall helps ease the loss of Foley

Good news. Now if we can find a good outside linebacker we will be set

The nice news is the sort of re-accumulated some national talent.

In the door McDougall and Gesse. Gesse was sought after draft choice option 4-5 years ago.

I think between these two nationals we fill the Sam Hurl void? Sam was good player but he was no thorough run stopper. But with him leaving we need nationals to backup Emry..........

Not sure ig McDougall is a pure safety or LB? His size 6 ' 2" and 220 tells me he can't be lightning quick to be safety but who knows?

Hurl was one of our best kick coverage guys unfortunately. He was down the field and on the returner in a heartbeat.