Alex Hall Cut by NFL - We could use a Rush End

What does everyone think .

Alex Hall is exactly what we need . A pure pass rusher that can beat his man one on one
He had lead the cfl in sacks 2 years ago with Winnepeg and and was among the leaders last year with WPG / SASK after bouncing around the NFL prior to coming to the CFL.

I see that SASK just signed Dressler so WPG would likely be our biggest opponent for Hall.

To me , other than the OLINE this is our biggest weakness. I would like to think that we will be getting Peter D , Wojt and Figueroa back soon to help the OLINE and ratio issues.

I hear Figueroa is practicing this week which is great news .

I agree 100 percent we have trouble getting to the QB my thought is .could it be the defensive schemes that are making the players look average .Greg Peach did not do anything here and goes to winipeg and he gets noticed again .Ithink it would not hurt to have him on the end give him a shot but at what price

For me? It's a cap thing. Do we have the space to give him what he wants and still have any room left for what we'll need to do off season? He wasn't a highly paid guy, but every drop in the bucket makes it a little more full.

On pure talent? He sure as heck can't do any worse than our current roster. After a few seasons in the basement on sack totals? I'd love a resurgence of the dominant D line that was the Tiger-Cats at the turn of the millenium.

Sign him! The Hell with the Cap we could use a big signing to help this shitty team! :cowboy:


We have the Cap space and if won't don't who cares just pull a Saskatchewan Roughrider deal they have been over the salary on three separate years including last year when they won the Grey Cup, if this time wants to win bad enough they have the money!!!

Now I'm starting to sound like an Aussie "If this time" i Meant team of course, sorry for that previous blunder I guess my fingers are too big for the keys??

Bet ya he is an Argo by Monday ?!

come-on. Winnipeg isn't even interested .... doesn't that say enough.
The NFL first round cuts just are terrible since they expanded to 90man TCs

This team is 1-6 for a reason. Sign him.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm thinking the same thing. Does this team WANT sacks?

Do you even know who Alex Hall is? One of the best pass rushers in the league last 2 years. I assume that because Weston Dressler got cut by the Chiefs, he sucks too now? Not a very sound logic there. We are dying for a rush end of his caliber. Norwood and Hall on the ends would look real nice.

Austen and McPhee do not appear to be interested to fix the Rush End problems. Two years in a row last in sacks. If they sign Gaydosh that will solidify the tackles. Hopefully Tillman is looking for another monster or two with the final NFL cuts this weekend. Austen does not know Hall and I believe he would come with a hefty price tag.

I thought Peach played pretty well for us, but he was injured a lot.