Alex Green

Should be all healed up by now.

Unleashed vs the Riders in the rematch?

He was placed on the 6-game injured list, so he can't start practicing until next week and can return on Aug 2.

I think he can actually come back early if they want, but there's some salary cap implications if that happens. Believe his salary ends up counting against cap for the games he missed but if he stays on for the full 6 games it is exempt. Given that the RBs have been playing just fine I imagine he stays on until the full 6 games is complete.

When Alex Green comes back after the 6 games I say put whitlock back at tackle because we will have Mercer Timmis, Alex Green, Sean Thomas Erlington and John White.

Pretty much exactly right. We're reportedly close to the cap so I'm sure we can use the savings, and like you said, the RB's have not been an issue.

Like the poster above said, I'd bet we see Whitlock go back to the defence and have Green be our international RB.

Green or some other colour.
White has been good in the past.
Green and White....hmmmm, reminds me of our opponents this week.

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