Alex Green starting at RB

Alex Green might just have a big game as he played his college days at Hawaii after June Jones left but they ran much the same offence.
He was considered one of the better running back prospects for the2011 NFL Draft.He was drafted third round, 96th overall, by theGreen Bay Packersin the2011 NFL Draft

Watch him below ..He looks like he can break some tackles and really move for a big man

He was a bust in the NFL, so don't hold your breath.

6' 225 lbs 4.53 40 yard time with great hands sounds like a load to me. RBs are a disposable commodity in the NFL. A back chosen in the 3rd round of the NFL draft must have all the physical tools. Lets hope Green gets a chance and stays healthy. He once ran for over 300 yards in a single game in his University days.

8)You obviously did not see him play in the pre-season games with the TiCats ???

He was very impressive at running and receiving out of the backfield.

Ha, if he was a bust in the NFL, then so are the majority of International players that are
playing in the CFL !! ::slight_smile:

We only want players on the Ticats who are currently starting for NFL teams. Preferably Pro Bowlers.

All those videos are with a good O line. Lets see what he can do with ours. Can he block?

Has to be an improvement over , too slow, can't block or catch Gable. Besides Gable trips over his own feet.

Gable is a very solid RB

That's just cruel. Sometimes the yard markers are to blame.

I sure called the big game from Alex Green :slight_smile:

So what’s it like being so negative in your life??

you also called this:
Ticats will NOT beat BC in BC. After this loss...
and this
One thing i know for sure is the cats will not win in BC. Let's face it the season is done and we are heading to 2-10

Lol, good one b&g.

MostAmericans that play in the CFL were a bust in the NFL, so I'm not seeing your point.
He's a keeper , he runs hard and has some quick moves.
But the Cats seem to have a love affair with CJ.
So yea, I'm not holding my breath.

Hard to positive this yr. But I am glad he put in a great game last night. He looks like a keeper.

It's not without reason, so many experienced NFL'ers come up here with high expectations and completely bust out. I didn't post any predictions, but before the game I would have agreed with pikk...

8)If Austin was still the HC, you would not have seen Alex Green being called back here ::slight_smile:

We're lucky that June Jones wanted Green back!!
Jones is a good judge of talent, that's for sure :slight_smile:

Very impressed with his running. 13 runs, and only three of those were under five yards.

My only concern with him is his blocking. I noticed two plays where he totally missed his block, and one where he missed picking up the blitz. Hope those were just because he's new to the team, with very little practice time.

If Austin were still HC, even if he played Green, he only would have touched the ball 4 times.

We aren't exactly running much more under Jones. Aside from last night gable had pretty much the same average number of carries from both coaches.