Alex Green returns to Ticats

Hamiton Tiger-Cats running back Alex Green is back with the team.

He was on the suspended list after having to go home for personal reasons.

Green had 79 carries for 447 yards and five touchdowns and eight catches for 47 yards in six games last year, his first season in the CFL.

The Ticats released international running back Storm Johnson on Sunday which opened a spot on the roster for Green to return.

Thank you baby Jesus.

Still on the fence about this guy. He had that fantastic debut which made Gable expendable but then his production in subsequent games tailed off. He seems to have a slight hesitation when hitting the holes sort of like how Deandra Cobb used to run. Hopefully with a stronger O-Line and coaching he can become a beast of a running back. Something that has been lacking in Hamilton for many years. Gable could have been amazing but he was never used properly.

447 yards in 6 games is very respectable for a veteran, let alone a CFL rookie like Green was last year.

Even more amazing is if you pro-rate those numbers over a full 18 game schedule it equals out to a 1,341 yd rushing season for Green . He also by the way got 5 tds in those 6 games which would translate to a 15 td rushing season . Pretty scary numbers indeed and just a touch beyond very respectable if he can endure an entire season as our feature back in 2018 keeping up those proposed pro rated numbers .

And he comes with a pedigree as a College star and NFL draft pick which leads me to believe the small sample size is project-able to a strong season.

Pretty good average carry, especially when you consider he had no really long runs. Almost every run was over five yards.

Which would you rather have, a back who normally gets two yards per carry, leading to lots of 2nd and long or two and outs, but then gets 50 every couple of games, or one who almost always gets 5+ yards, leading to lots of 1st downs, but never gets more than 20 yards?

I know which one I'd prefer.

Yeah but in 3 of the 6 games he played he only managed 40+ yards. In 2 games he had an average of 3.1 and 3.5 yards per carry.

If you take away the 1st game where he ripped off 140 yards then over the five remaining games you are left with 307 total yards and a 4.6 YPC average.

I don't think he did anything extraordinary after the 1st game he played. I sure hope Jones finds a way to use him effectively and consistently.

Some great stuff here

TiCats record since Alex Green got signed - 6 and 2

Alex Green means as much to Tiger-Cats passing game as their run game

At 6-foot and a muscled 228-pounds, Green is considered more bruiser than a back who looks to avoid contact. And that’s a good thing because in Jones’ wide open, pass-heavy offence, the back is first and foremost a blocking back.
No one is more aware of this than Green, who played in Jones’ run-and-shoot offence in Hawaii even after the man himself had moved on.
In fact, Green and Jones have walked the same streets a number of times, albeit at different points in their lives. Both were born in Portland and began playing the game there, and then both went on to Hawaii. But it wasn’t until Green arrived in Hamilton that he actually met the man he seemed to be shadowing for much of his own career.
That the two finally hooked up in Hamilton seems almost something that was meant to happen.

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