Alex Brink

This guy deserves all kinds of credit. It's amazing how much better he is than last year.

10/13, 121 yards. 1 INT but it was pretty much the only mistake he made all game. He got a bad spot on a 3rd down gamble and Edwards fumbled.. he moved the ball very well and change one or two things and he could've had a TD or even two of them. I know there's no point to "what ifs" but it just needs to be said that he did a very good job and it wasn't his fault on a couple of turnovers that took away points.

Previously he led us to a win against BC with a very nice late drive. For the year he's completing 64.1% of his passes with 257 yards, 2 TD and 2 INT.

To be honest, I'm not a lot less confident in Brink than I am in Pierce. I truly think he's capable of starting in this league very soon, although I hope he's willing to wait for his chance. if you can't stay healthy bowler....This is the second year he has come-up lame...I really like the guy and think he can be something special...BUT you have to stay healthy...I hope he's not too badly hurt...The way Bucks ribs are holding-up i think we might need him......Maybe we need someone with a suit of armour :lol:

well, every QB that belongs to us gets hurt, so for now I'm just judging them based on what they do before they get hurt.. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean hey, you're no good if you're no good either, and last year, Brink was definitely no good.. this year he's got the talent part down.. insane how we've had to use 4 QBs two years in a row now though

Problem is those damn shoulders. On the plus side with Brink this time around it seems its his non throwing shoulder so hopefully its not so bad that he can't play with a brace on it. The team must be cursed at the QB position. Who put the curse on us? Glenn as he was booted out? LeFors who maybe was maybe a bit unfairly blamed for being inept when trying to run a Mike Kelly offense? Did Bishop curse us for not bringing him back after he put up 20 picks in half a season replacing LeFors? Mike Kelly once he got canned after having his hand involved with all 3 of those guys in his one year here? Has anyone seen anything anywhere that's even remotely close to what's gone on with the QBs here the last 3 years?

its on the oline i think. they are the only constant.. this year and last. Morley to me is a liability out there.

Won't hear an argument from me. Especially when you start 2 imports they have to be more dominant. That said, they have been better as a group the last couple weeks. Hopefully things can take a turn for the better over the next season or 2. Greaves sounds as if he's not far off only a season and a half removed from being a Dlineman. Swiston hopefully may get into the mix soon. Not sure about what value added Sorenson has after his addition on release by the Lions. Butler is sitting around, wouldn't be a bad idea to rotate him in a game or 2 as the season wears on, get him some game time in case the need arises come playoff time.

on a somewhat related note, anyone hear anything on the status of Pierce/Brink/Reid/Volny?

.....not so far.... I heard Lapo is supposed to issue an injury report sometime today... :roll: