Alberta's New Covid Regulations

Any word on whether the new covid restrictions announced today affect number of fans allowed in Calgary and Edmonton stadiums.?

I believe a vaccine passport or negative test within 48 hrs will be needed to attend Stadiums

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There doesn't appear to be but I find the following contradictive

Alberta to launch proof-of-vaccination program, declares health emergency amid surge in COVID-19 cases | CBC News

  • No attendance restrictions on outdoor events and facilities, but two-metre physical distancing must be in place.

If the 2 meter restriction must be in place, how can a venue go to full capacity?

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‚Ķthere‚Äôs a ‚Äėrestriction exemption‚Äô clause which allows all businesses to operate as normal as long as they provide those services to vaccinated only customers‚Ķso vax proof will be required to enter the stadiums‚Ķ

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There are two options, if they choose not to go with the Restrictions Exemption Program, the other option is

  • Fully outdoor events and venues have no capacity restrictions (excluding washrooms), but must maintain 2 metres distancing between households or 2 close contact for those living alone.

…agreed mike, but I don’t see how that clause helps stadiums in any way…

Maybe at Commonwealth? but I can't see how they could spread people out if they already have season tickets and then told they have to move from their seats 3 metres away from their neighbors.
But it's likely they go with the option of checking vaccinations

Simple answer to all this nonsense. Get vaccinated , or stay home.


They would have to cancel and refund some tickets...or go with vaccinations