Alberta storms tonight

Currently all over Alberta there are storms and flash flooding happening now all over the news.

Do you think the game could be delayed or even cancelled tonight if the thunderstorms get quite bad over Edmonton.

If the game did get cancelled how would they make up for this lost game? Would they play it tomorrow or something? If the weather caused issues for the stadium tomorrow what would they do?? Every team plays 18 games..I always wondered about what the plans would be for things like this.

It is only fair that the Eskimos would have to concede a 60-1 defeat! 8)

Lol Grover haha

Hey, Environment Canada, wake up

live shot 4hrs before Kickoff, doesn't look so bad, is that Commonwealth Stadium in the background?

Looking at the weather maps, it looks like the worst of the storms is now east of the city. And nothing much to the west.

Fingers crossed.

7 PM EDT weather forecast for Edmonton 40% thunder showers, 1-3 mm rain for the game duration. Same forecast for tomorrow

It must be part of Edmonton’s strategy.....

Is it just me or has there been increasing in the number storms at CFL games in recent years.
We have had some, like against the argos last year, Winnipeg had a couple of nasty ones.

Is it time for a dome?

Don't believe so. That shot looks to be looking west-southwest from the legislature grounds. Commonwealth would be to the east-northeast. Of course.... I could be turned around 180 degrees. :slight_smile:

The real answer would be considered too “political? for this forum. Even though it’s actually a letter of science, and not politics.

We all need to get used to more storms, floods, droughts, hurricanes, wildfires, etc.

This view is looking almost due east from a rooftop on the U of A campus. Downtown Edmonton is just out of frame to the left (north), and Commonwealth Stadium would be about 4km to the northeast. Even if the camera were pointing the right way, the stadium would probably be hidden behind the highrises at the north end of the downtown core.

Ah, got it. Haven't lived there for 18 years. I was worried about my identification because the river wasn't turning like I remembered.

The giveaway is probably the LRT bridge in the foreground, which is west of the High Level Bridge.