Alberta showdown!

what a way to end the reguler season, the battle of alberta for home feild, this is the best thing the league could ask for so let the predictions begin!


CGY 34 EDM 31

Calgary is starting to heat up at the right time

Edmonton 20-18

Edmonton over Calgary

Thank You KK. YOu just gave them the kiss of death.

These are two hot teams that will be playing each other. I like Calgary slightly since they are at home and their offence has been playing better. Burris seems to play really well at the end of the season (when it matters most).

At mid-season I predicted that the Stamps would come on strong in the second half. I have to go with the Stamps. Higgins will get the last laugh!

Of course I'm picking the Stamps.. I don't think the Esks have looked all that convincing in their last few victories.. but as always with these two teams, it'll be close. 18-15 Calgary.

not likely

I'm picking the Stamps, not only so the Lions get 1st but the Stamps are my second favourite team and I want them to get home field in the playoffs.

Being a Stamps fan, I have to go with them.

I think the game will be high scoring, have a feeling it will be a shootout between Ray and Burris.

Stamps 42
Esks 38

I totally agree with you Stampederville that it's a great way to end the season with Edmonton @ Calgary. I'm picking the Stampeders by 3 points, something like 20-17 or 23-20, but I had a real hard time with this game because even though Calgary is the hottest team in the league right now, I think Edmonton is the one team that plays the best when they are on the road.
One thing that I just thought about and that is if the BC Lions beat the Roughriders, then these two teams play each other the following week in the West Semi-Final. What do they do this week, show each other all of their offense, or hold something back for the playoff game? There have been several instances where two teams in the NFL have played each other on the last week of the season and then played each other the next week in the opening round of the playoffs. I think in each of two instances I can remember ( Dallas Cowboys and LA Rams, and the Cleveland Browns and Houston Oilers, with Warren Moon at QB), the Cowboys and Browns won the last game of the season and the Rams and Oilers won the playoff game.
It's going to be great, but just remember, it is very tough to beat a team twice in a row, especially when one game is a playoff game. We'll see what happens, and let's have some great football.

Yeah...he didn't specify which week.

If the Stamps win then it will be back to back Battle of Alberta games.

Esks will take this one. I think Ricky will have 2 TD passes and Davis will run for one touchdown. I say 27-19 for the esks. If not, it'll be more.......

1-0 Calgary with Dales having the only point in the game.

Ok seriously, 28-24 Calgary.

I haven't predicted an esks blowout at all this year. But i think this is the game. 28-6

This is really hard because the team that wins has to play them again soon.

And it is really hard to beat the same team back to back.It does not happen very often.

The game is in , I will go with , CALGARY. But , I will take EDMONTON , in the play offs

What do you mean its really hard to beat the same team back to back? Edmonton accomplished this feat against Calgary labour day classics '00, 02, and 04. Cool, the math says it will happen again next year!

And for all the herd fans out there yes I know Calgary has a different team now than those days or whatever...I'm just sayin to HT that it's not all that impossible for it to happen