Alberta High School Football Rankings.

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The website to get the standing (top 10 only) of all tiers of football in ALberta.

Some interesting changes already.

Raymond who is the tier one champs(defending) are ranked 10th this week, and were unranked before that. they play exibition against american teams, so its hard to get a ranking in pre season on them. This is where the ralph brothers played high school.

Sherwood park has two teams in the top 2, and the top Calgary schools have also dropped this year a bit.

The tier 2 is about the same, as a weaker division is always seems now since brooks dropped to tier 3 and and Cardston becomming less of a power each year as teams get better. Hard ot believe Cardston was once a tier 1 power house. im looking for medicine hat to climb the standings this year.

As a former brooks player im embarrased by the terrible showing this year. Unranked until this week, and now at #10. used to be Brooks was #1 in the province of all teams(many years ago for a short time). Now terrible. but cochrane and winstin churchhill are always a force in the tier 3. most tier 3 teams will easily compete and and often win against the tier 2. competitive with tier 1.

tier 4 is the dark horse in ALberta. sometimes, the smaller schools are often sucked too think with vollyball and hockey taking too many good atheletes. but watch for Drumheller to start to come along. Im excited for the drumheller Vs. olds game. hard to beleive with all the attention on hockey in olds that they are becoming a great football program. as usual, hanna is unranked. No one is doubting Lloyd is taking the tier 4 championship back north this year.

Is there 4 tiers or levels for HS football in Alberta? Also, how many teams in each or how many schools total have football programs?

I cant say exactly how many teams there are in all of Alberta. There are only 4 official tiers of football. Thats population based. so you can have a tier 4 school as good as a tier one school. its all interplay in your division until provincials. then you only play teams in your tier. Some smaller schools that dont have programs allow the students to leave early to travel to the closest school with a team. hope that helps

Thanks for the info. :thup: Always enjoy reading about the state of high school football in different provinces.

Thanks for posting this.

Word formatted files though. WTF? I wish they join the new century.