Albert Johnson or Marc Boerigter ?

Which receiver would you like on your team? Marc Boerigter or Albert Jonhnson III?

its hard to say...both are comming off injuries.
both went to the had success, but the other was injured.
flip a coin.....johnson III

..........they are both impressive athletes.........while AJIII would fit in well on any squad, I'd probably side with Bo just because of his size and crossing route ability.......

Oh boy, here we go, this is a great topic..hands down.. no bullcrap...Albert is your man..
Don't get me wrong, Blowrigter is good...but flight87 is of superstar blood, a real game breaker..
Blowrigter vs Albert in a foot race..easy money...Albert all the way...
Like I said before, Steagle n Johnson, are more of a threat than the whole Stamp offence.

i sense this thread has become about biasness towards which jersey the player wears....

yes I guess this should have been non Stamp fans or Bomber fans. So With that in mind one vote for Johnson on a coin flip go figure. And that being you DG.

...I will Have to go with.....wait for it ....Flight 87........O.K....I'm biased....but really...Albert has the speed....Marc is a very solid receiver...but because of Johnsons kick return abilities...I would give the edge to him... for sure ...I .would like to have both of them on my long as they're not all washed up... :smiley:

this would be my fantasy offence from the cincinatti bengals RB rudi johnson WR chad johnson. now picture that with turtle man and flight 87
we would make teh GC every year

…ok, I’ll give your that AJIII could out run Bo…now lets start them at 20 yards apart facing each other and toss the ball up in the air, AJII would fold up and blow away like used tissue paper next to Bo…as far as your last comment, very dumb…even the spelling is dumb…smart like tank I see…an old tank, not one of those M1A1 Abrahams jobs…

That gap is closing my blue bomber friends! Why is that? Could it be that Boe has a GC ring and AJ3 well he has a beer cap ring! seemed to be a little concerned that AJ...dosen't have a Cup Ring....well he'll rectify that in awhile ...and don't go stacking the votes on this poll....I'll find out....we want an honest out-come...that'll show Albert Johnson 111 as the clear winner... 8)

Hmmm are stacking them ha ha ha AJ3 will be too old to enjoy that ring when the bombers appear in a GC game.

Id go with Boerighter Im more a fan of big strong receivers that can break some tackles as opposed to fast guys that can get knocked around. I want receivers that can take a few hits and keep on going

Yes over the years Montreal has had good ones. I have seen many kick returners but they lack on receiving skills.

That may be true generally speaking. But, DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER SEEING THIS GUY PLAY?????? He is not too old, not too small, not too banged up. Just perfectly suited for the CANADIAN GAME, not the NO FUN LEAGUE. Just like Roberts, Stegal... we'll take em all....and outrun all the big strong SLOW guyz to th GC.... IMO...

He has not played much over the last two years does this not concern you why this occured. Put it this way it is an upgrade to McGarity ha ha ha

Hmm both have good qualities in their own way.

For strength its Boerichter. For Speed Johnson....I Like Marc. I like guys who can break tackles and can fight for those yards!

…I like guys who set records…who are excellent punt returners…who are great receivers…and HEH… way at a minute that sounds like AJ111…both great players…but I still give the edge to Flight 87… :wink:

The winner is

...depends on how long you want this thing to go....I believe its your poll... :smiley: