...great xmas present for the BigBlue.....this guy is an impact player....in the class of Stegall...and Charles Roberts.... Johnson is .returning from the NFL....now if we can just sign D.D. (if available) to throw to these guys......wahoooooooooo....time to get happy.. :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

Yep he’s pretty much, the best in the league…besides Steagall…
We just got better…

That's good news for Winnipeg if Johnson can still do it. I heard he had achilles problems.

Thats good news for you guys.......Now if you could just get a QB next.....

a game breaker........an absolute game breaker.......what a great move by Taman........about time time they loosened the purse strings and let the little fellow blow the wad.........I agree with papa, they aint done yet, there is something else brewing but details are still sketchy..........


WINNIPEG, MB - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are thrilled to announce the signing of Import Receiver and Return Specialist Albert Johnson III.

Johnson III is making his second stint with the Blue and Gold after a stellar rookie campaign in 2000. He also spent four seasons in the NFL, most recently with the Houston Texans.

As one of the CFL's most exciting players in 2000, he led the league in several categories. Appearing in 17 games, he was the CFL's leader in kickoff return yards (1506), missed field goal return yards (277) and combined yards (3241). He also boasted the highest kickoff return average (24.7) and missed field goal return average (69.3).

As a receiver, he posted 778 yards despite only starting 12 games at the position. His combined yards total is the fourth-best in CFL history and the best ever amassed by a rookie. The many honours were enough to garner the CFL's Rookie of the Year Award and Special Teams Player of the Year Award. He was also named as a CFL All-Star.

Johnson III was quickly scooped up by the Miami Dolphins in time for the 2001 NFL season but had to succumb to a torn ACL injury during training camp and missed the entire campaign. He returned to the Dolphins in '02, playing in four games primarily as a return specialist, but was again sidelined due to a knee injury. He signed as a free agent with the New York Jets in 2003 and then with the Houston Texans later that year.

''This is a very positive step for our organization today and we are ecstatic to have Albert Johnson III back with our team,'' said Bomber GM Brendan Taman. ''He has great athleticism and was a game-breaker for us as both a receiver and returner. We cannot wait to have him back in the line-up.''

New Head Coach Doug Berry was just as delighted at the news. ''He truly is an offensive weapon. With this signing, we just made an already potent receiving corps even more spectacular. And his returning abilities will give opposing coverage teams headaches trying to contain him.''

With a tremendous ability to become a difference-maker, Johnson III has showed how he can take over a game and thrive in the wide-open Canadian game. He showcased this ability by absolutely crushing the CFL's single-game most combined yards record, amassing 474 total yards against the Edmonton Eskimos (July 21, 2000). His total was comprised of 153 receiving yards, 1 punt return yard, 198 kickoff return yards, and 122 missed field goal return yards.

Johnson III's speed, elusiveness, and game-breaking ability had made him a fan favourite in Winnipeg. Bomber fans quickly dubbed him as ''Flight 87'' because of his ability to ‘take flight' any time he touches the ball.

Winnipeg in the GC in 06 AT HOME!

It's officail now! :smiley:

(note: just a rant)

we have a good Qb, your just to retarded to notice :wink:

You could have fooled me (about having a good QB). I hope "The III" still has his break away speed, but injuries and age have a way of slowing a guy down a step or two.
But speaking of retards, anybody who would trade their first round draft pick for a 4th string QB needs more then a wink and a nudge.

You should quote the right person before you call them retarded. It doesnt make you look like a rocket scientist ya know.

5 wins= good QB huh?

good QB, not great QB.