Since Kanga has mentioned Alaska in the past that got me wondering if any of you have ever seen a little known movie titled "Mystery Alaska"?

I saw bits and pieces of it. Something about the NY Rangers playing a hockey game against so local Alaskans.

Bits and pieces doesn't do it. You have to see the whole thing. Burt Reynolds is in it and the entire cast does a great job. And the ending wil have you on the edge of your seat.

I will, I will,

I think I had company that night and had to pay attention to them. When it comes on again, I promise to watch!

Horrible movie imo.

That movie was awful. It ranks right up there with craptacular masterpieces such as the Mighty Ducks.

The best hockey movie to come out in the last few years is Miracle. I thought it would be a garbage Disney-esque piece of schlock, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s worth checking out if you like hockey movies.

But Slap Shot is still the greatest hockey movie ever made.

Right on EskJebus! How it missed the oscars was a mystery to me.

I think I watched 24 or 30 times…In Fact, its time to let my grandson have a boo at it! (He’s 14)

Why Is It That There Aren’t Any Good Canadian Hockey Movies. Who Cares About ‘Hackey’ In The States. A Better Movie About A Team From The North Would Be That Team From The Yukon That Spent Something Like 50 Days Traveling To Ottawa To Play In The Stanley Cup And Ended Up Getting Completely Blown Out. That Was 1909 I Think, Someone Correct Me If I’m Wrong.

They should do a movie about the Canada Vs. USSR serises, when Henderson won it all on a last secord goal, THAT WOULD BE A MOVIE AND A TURE MIRACLE!

...or a movie about Canada's double victory over the US in Sait Lake City, and thus avering QC's lost bid, Alaska (which the Americans had the niver to have the SLC's Flame go though!), and the 1998 Canadian's women's team's loss! GOD!, I'D BUY THAT IN A SEC!

I haven't seen that movie yet, Geo, but I will!

Miracle is a great movie, mostly cuz it's flimed in Canada and the sound effects were done in Winnipeg!

But Slap Shot is the best! and it's sequal kicks ass to cuz it's abou hockey nowadays! I love the qoute that's so abou the Winnipeg move, "Nebraska, WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY KNOW ABOUT HOCKEY IN OMAHA, NEBRASKA!!!" Arizonia would have been a better in that joke, but ok! :smiley:

Go SUPER Chiefs GO!!!

the NORTH WEST TERRITORIES are FAR bigger and better..........but if you want NORTH LITE , go to the YUKON,.........there's gold in them, there hills.

is there still any left after the great 1898 gold run?

I'm just putting this link with this topic where it belongs, pardon me:

haha mystery alaska is a good movie.
but them they could do a movie with that tootoo guy from the NWT and its be a half true story

How is Alaska an “unequal state.” Unequal in the effect that an Alaskan voter has 2.99 times as much pull on the presidential election than a Californian voter?

I like the idea of the Senate, I just don’t like the misrepresentation. Let’s make a petition for a parlimentary-style system of US government.

I got some news for you Kanga, If only 3 people sign this petition, I don't think this referendum is gonna go through. Just a thought.

Even Stockwell Day would consider three people a bit low…

see this website:

This petition site does even have it listed!!! those fuck ers!!! so that why there has be a low turn out. But I fix that soon. If you guys want to sign it, go ahead but you have to say where your from.

WOW! just asked a question about "Mystery Alaska" didn't expect it to turn into politics.

I tought the movie was very well done and very beliveable.