Alan Thicke, OJ, and Martin Short nearly owned the Cats

Celebrities Alan Thicke, O.J. Simpson, Martin Short and David Foster very nearly purchased the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 1994...

Yet the deal fell through when OJ was charged with murder... :o
[b]"I rounded up this group and it all disappeared in one day," Thicke told The Mike Richards Show on TSN Radio 1050 Toronto on Tuesday. "I was going into the studio one day and everybody was watching the television, riveted to the screen. I looked over and (realized) one of my partners is going down the freeway in a Bronco. It was O.J. Simpson. That was as close as I got to ownership." Thicke said he got support from actor Martin Short, musician and producer David Foster and Simpson to join the venture. Thicke said he felt Simpson was nearby and had the Buffalo experience, so he knew the Toronto and Hamilton market.[/b]

I remember this near sale. As it turns out we waited a while for our caretaker, but it was definitely

worth the delay. Thank you Mr. Young! :thup:

I do remember Martin Short's name bandied about many years ago, although never heard the names OJ, Thicke or Foster regarding possible TiCats ownership.
Guess we'll never know if this consortium would have been a successful one or not..

and yes, the caretaker has been a savior of sorts to the team..
I wonder what would have happened to the Cats without his intervention.. :?


They probably would have ditched the team a few years later because of lack of money. Thicke and Short haven't done much in the last 15 years and OJ?? lol

No question rocky. We have someone who has invested in Hamilton and is very serious about this team, a very serious competitor who didn't just do it like Braley advised at the beginning but wanted to learn his own way. And who isn't a doormat around these circles to politicians and others who have wanted to kick him around like an old tire. He's perfect for a football team "caretaker", tough as nails and won't let people shove him around. :rockin:

He's perfect for a football team "caretaker", tough as nails and won't let people shove him around.
Granted and agreed. and I believe Cortez is from a similar mold.

IMO, the Cats will be inspired this year..

11-7 at worst