Al Brenner has passed away...

According to Drew Edward on his scratching post...

[b]"The team has annouced that former Ticat Al Brenner has died.

Brenner spent seven seasons in the CFL with the Ticats (1971-74), Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1975) and Ottawa Rough Riders (1975-77). Brenner's 15 interceptions in 1972 still stand as a single-season CFL record, while his 37 interceptions and 485 interception return yards with the Ticats rank as the second-highest totals in team history.

But many will likely remember Brenner as the guy that left his family in Burlington and didn't contact them for 12 years. It was detailed in this Fifth Estate story."[/b]

A great Tiger Cat.

Rest in peace Al.

Sad news, I have several very fond memories of Al Brenner.

But I also have to express my dislike of the news report you quoted; too many writers these days only give you half the story, and I find it annoying.

Okay, so who has the HIGHEST then ?

It's like when they report on a certain player, and say he was acquired in trade from team X seven seasons ago. . . but they never tell you who he was traded for. . .

I'm very sorry to hear this news.

I remember Al's 1972 season very well. 15 interceptions in a 14 game season! That's a record I don't expect we'll see beaten for quite some time. When the opposing QB dropped back in the pocket, fans in the stands used to say, "Here it comes, the Brenner pass!"

The fifth estate piece on him was quite sad. If I recall it correctly, there was something of a renewal of contact between Al and his family, if not exactly a reconciliation.

Let's keep in mind, Madjack, that Drew is also trying to track all the free agent activity tonight...

Oh I know old fan, I wasn't trying to pick on Drew, just that all sportswriters always leave you hanging like that, and I find it somewhat annoying.

My memory isn't what it used to be, so when for example they write that so-and-so had been acquired in a trade I can never remember who he was traded for; or when they write so-and-so is second in alltime whatevers, I can't remember who is first.

And I'll tell you something else. . .

My memory isn't what it used to be.

Sad news and an even sadder story. RIP

My memory aint so good either, Madjack.

A while back someone came to the front door and in the ensuing conversation asked for our phone number. You know I couldn't remember it....true story...

That's one of the reaosns I use the handle old fan....and yes when you get old is the first thing to go...

I remember the game back in 1972 when he intercepted Joe Theismann 4 times in one game.

He was my favorite player on the '72 team for a number of reasons...RIP. :cry:

There are some real similarities in the post-football years of Al and Cookie Gilchrist.

I'll bet they shared "brain Injury".

CTE...Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy...a neuro-degenerative disease known to cause cognitive decline and behavioral abnormalities.

Cookie was diagnosed as having "Stage 4" CTE when his brain was looked at by Boston University.

Thanks for the great memory's Al.

Al's life sure took a sad twist. My condolences to Mr. Brenner's family.


Al sure was a great defensive back and a bit of a character. I still surprises me that he became reclusive.

I recall seeing a happy, boisterous side of him one Sunday morning in the 70's playing pick up basketball

with several Tiger Cats at a gym that Bernie Custis got for his Burlington Braves players and others to use.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Thanks for the great memories Al:
- the hype when he signed with the Ti cats that he was as versatile and exciting as Garney Henley, and did allow move of Garney to offence for '72 season >>>>>>>>'72 Grey Cup and '72 Schenley MOP for Garney
- the game with 4 interceptions - shares Ti cat record with Don Sutherin - I think all 4 were off Joe Theismann and the jokes were re Theismann paying part of Brenner's salary, or vice versa?

I THINK the all-time Ti cat interception/int yardage leader is Garney, but there are several other possibilities too.

Watch it here

Condolences to his family.

^ Ditto ^

Truly sorry to hear of Al Brenner's loss. He'll always have a special place in

Ticat and CFL history.

Sincere condolences to his relatives, friends and fans.