Al Bradbury

three roughing the passer calls two pass interference calls. The best was the holding late in the game on the Mike Jones reception at the one yard line. That was a total made up call it never happened. Masoli was hit late on numerous occasions tonight no flag. You cannot win a sporting event when the officials keep throwing bogus flags all night. The last roughing the passer call was the best when Adams pretended his back was sore and than gave the refs two thumbs up. Kahari Jones shaking Al Bradbury’s hand after the game to thank him for the victory was also classic. Nice game Al Bradbury you did your best tonight. Thank you for your great effort.

Don’t be a Rider fan. We lost. When you’re gassed you commit penalties.

There was no ridiculous missed call that will get an apology this week.

We lost. They were better. It happens.

I know we lost but we had a chance late even after playing terrible. Down by ten nice pass tp Mike Jones we are on the one yard line. No sorry late flag. Holding on the right tackle. Show the replay nothing there. TSN on to next play just do not talk about it. Whew that was close do not let Hamilton make it close. Do not hit the QB for Montreal or the punter. Oh but it is alright to take our star running back out. Hit in the knees and than jump around like you found the cure for cancer. That’s not taunting. He is just excited he took out one of our better players so it is except able to jump around while he is lying there injured.

Agree but I did think a couple of those calls were borderline. Not that it’s the reason we lost but after some pretty disciplined play so far (only about 46 yards or so of penalties last week) there were a lot of calls on the Ticats. Didn’t agree with either of the RTP calls. Certainly it’s harder to play as cleanly when you’re running out of energy and that certainly was the case for the D in the second half.

We must have seen different replays. I saw Okafor tackle his man. (It was actually a better tackle than most of our defenders were able to muster all game.)

Wow he pancaked him. I guess you missed the hold on the two point conversion as well. You can call holding on very play. The three roughing the passer calls were they all good calls as well.

On the play that sealed the MTL victory, I thought Frey was pushed into Bede’s leg by a MTL blocker.
But, the RTK call passed the review. With the RTK rule adjusted this year, I think successful kick blocks, not resulting in a penalty, will be somewhat of a rarity.

If by “pancaked” you mean “dragged the DE to the ground and fall on him”, you are correct…

I guess you we’re watching an xfl game. Sorry about the mishap.

Al gave it 110% tonight. He stepped up when he had to. Ref of the week.

The refs might not have decided the game, but they sure ruined it. The number of flags made it hard to watch. Also, they seemed to take time to review every one of their calls – I don’t know if this is a new process–to go upstairs on every single penalty-- but it slows the game down.

Also, the rules have gone too far in so many ways. You can’t touch the QB’s head. You can’t hit the QB low. You can’t hit the QB if he starts to slide. You can’t hit the QB even a bit late. (But, you can have him in the grasp and he can still make a throw?).

Now, you can’t hit a punter after blocking the punt. You can’t hit a defenseless receiver (unless you take he knees out). No blindside blocks allowed. No “tourist” hits.

You can’t touch a receiver after 10 yards, or they’ll go to replay and call DI.

It’s getting to be too much.

Isn’t the whole point to take “unnecessary” roughing out of the game? So, a tap on the QBs helmet or a swipe at his ankle really isn’t roughing, is it? Hitting the punter’s leg after blocking a punt isn’t really roughing, is it?

Is there no discretion? I guess that’s why the refs are on the phone upstairs all game now.

The CFL is shooting itself in the foot with these games that become flagfests. I’ve tried to get a few NFL buddies into CFL football and they always end up complaining about the constant flags. You are not going to get 25-30 penalties in an NFL game. The rules in the NFL must be more relaxed and the players are more disciplined.

Who in their right mind didn’t get sick of seeing Al Bradbury on the screen every couple of minutes.? This will turn off casual fans so it can’t be good in the long run.

They just need to let the players play and only flag the most blatant and egregious penalties.

cant help but wonder how much of these negative comments about reffing would have been posted if the ticats had won, all other things being equal.

p.s. don’t blame the refs, blame the idiot players who cant seem to play by the rules

I thought Bradbury called a pretty good game and the refs did their job, it wasn’t the Cats night, offence needs to score earlier and not rely on trying to come back with under 2 minutes to go and down by 10.

This team is better than that, just a good wake up call to play better next time.

My only critique of the game wasn’t the refs it was Rod Smith calling the game for TSN, how many times he repeated the Ti-Cats special teams players for 15 yard No Yard infractions when it turned out the penalty was against Montreal instead?

Also the totally biased call of the game in favour of Montreal, I know we all want Montreal to succeed in the CFL and find a new owner but lets not pick them up to the point of being sick about it? It was anything the Cats did or do was wrong and everything Montreal did was right, pretty sad for a play by play guy in sports to call a game at least the other Rod at at TSN makes the Ti-Cats sound exciting especially when describing Brandon Banks or Tasker.


I agree, it was not a hold. When TSN brushes it off, they know it was a bad call.

Agree, in general, the broadcast was terrible. A few times, they could not figure out the call. I am also fairly certain we called a timeout in the 4th that was not announced.

banker: Montreal also got robbed…by the refs and the Command Centre.

Can’t remember the name of the receiver (Bray?) but in the second half he made a major reception within striking distance of the goal line. The catch was ruled incomplete because he did not have control of the ball when he was pushed out of bounds.

I watched the replay a couple of times and to me it was clear that he did have control of the ball when he went out of bounds.

I usually consider it bad form to accuse the officials of being responsible for a team’s loss. But this new rule/policy of calling a roughing the passer penalty for even the most minor non-deliberate contact on a QB, could become more of game-breaker as the season goes on unless there is some consistency on the part of the on-field officials.

You have to survive contact with the ground. That was an incomplete pass all day.

I thought it was complete as well. He took 2 steps before backing out of bounds. It looked to me like we dodged a bullet on that one.

He was never in control of his body. 2 steps while falling to the ground is different than gathering yourself and taking two steps.