Akli Smith looked good first day of Practise!

Akili does not seem to have problems picking up that extra man and can really zip the ball. Barrick Nealy showed well too. In the picture the four qb's black. This morning breakfeast and practise. By the way thanks to the radio stations for all the give aways at practise.

I really wish I could have made it, but I slept in ... and when I drove by around 1:30, nothing was going on :frowning:

I missed a free brekky and apparently other free stuff too ...

If Akili played so well that he suplanted H. Burris as the starter, the Stamps couldn't keep Henry with his $350k+ contract as a backup, nes pas? He would have to be traded, but who would want him? I don't think Sask would take him back. Maybe Wpg? That's about it.

Invader of all poster on this site not you too. :lol: :lol: Smith may be the back up the Stamps have been looking for nothing more at this time. Now Invader climb back under the rock. :lol:

theres some good stuff over at TSN broadband...check it out:


Akili may be good, but unless Burris totally screws up, I would say he is still #1 there. A QB controversy? I would say its a little early to call it that.

Yes it's Burris' job to loose.

Just like in T.O. where it's Allen's job to lose and here in Hamilton where it's Maas's job to lose.

The back ups in Wpg look like crap, as usual, Glenn is light years ahead of the next guy.

Banks is not doing that well? I would have thought he would have pushed Glenn for the #1 spot.

Banks and Dinwiddie both look like their sandbagging it and would rather be somewhere else, the two rooks, Holland and Bohnet, have talent but are just too raw and inexperienced.

yep, the Bombers are thin at QB, just like last year. You would of thought they would of taken a run at a experienced QB or two in the off-season. If Glenn goes down, who do they put in, Brad Banks? If so, the season will be another write off.

glenn didnt go down until your o-line went down and couldnt protect him.

Smith and Nealy looking better every day. Cubit is not bad as well but the others are pullling away.

Well the Bombers are now in a 3 horse race, Banks, Dinwiddie and Holland for the back up job and after it looked like Banks was going to come out on top, Dinwiddie was ripping it up today. Looks like it will come down to the preseason games and like the Bombers have found a number 2 man behind Glenn.

Well piggy this Cubit kid would probably be better then Banks, Dewiddle dumb for sure. Holland with experience might be find but wait for some game action.
Nealy for the Stamps plays very much like Casey Printers and Smith he is showing why he was a high draft choice. You can see the CFl is more sutied to his style of play.

Funny thing, Berry chose to put our other young qb Bohnet on the PR, rather than cut him loose. And your right about Holland he has definitly got the talent.

Good to hear Smith is doing okay, always nice to see a guy get a second crack at it.

I thought he would not be suited to the CFL game but the guy is really good and it shows. He has a very strong arm and scrambles well out of the pocket. Nealy is very similar and has a very strong arm. :stuck_out_tongue:

So much for the dearth of QB's in the CFL the media has been complaining so much about. Every team is stoked with blue-chip prospects. Canada is becoming a viable option for fringe NFL players and college hotshots (A. Smith, S. King, S. LeFors), whereas in the past they may have elected to find a real job after being rejected by the NFL.

Based solely on the one preseason game so far (all the information I have), Holland appears to be running away with the #2 spot in Winnipeg. Mind you, I have no idea how he's done in camp, or how he will do in game #2 or if called upon in the regular season.

The Cats appear to have a contender with Timmy Chang. If Maas is unable to start the season, I have no concerns about putting Chang in. It may be "Maas' job to lose", but if we can keep him here, Chang appears to be the one he will eventually lose it to.