Akili Smith

Has been let go from the Stamps, Hank will be activated.

No decision on if he'll play at this time.

What ?

CALGARY/AM770CHQR - The Calgary Stampeders have released quarterack Akili Smith.
He started Monday's game against Saskatchewan, but was pulled at half time.
The team also announced that Henry Burris will return to the active roster

Maybe he and Higgins had a heart to heart talk... Then Higgins realized Akili's wasnt in it...

....another nfl qb. bites the dust....Popp will be on the phone to him immediately....i think the groin pull injury pretty well finished him off......and Sankey?????? :wink: :roll:

Burris could play this weekend if he has to, ie. if the Esks win beforehand.

who were those fans that said Smith was going to be a great quarterback, as far as back-ups go rated him higher then Crandell...stand up and be counted.

...you're right pigseye....If Esks. lose...Burris probably sits..... especially with guys like Canada prowling around in the back-field..... :wink:

I said the same, Smith su.cks. Higgins was smart, not hanging on to him to long. He got a shot, and showed that he can't play the CFL game.

Do the maths Higgins. You're 0-3 without Burris and Edmonton is not coming up fast. He gets hurt again = next year's country.

Same announcement on CKNW radio. Smith out Burris in. No news if Burris actually starts.

Canada does he have a map he gets lost a lot.

In TC I stated he may have a future in the league. But when we needed him his skill level did not show. He is a good QB but needs time and at age 32 he just may hve had time pass him by.

Who cares that is the nature of the game. I hope they play Sankey I think he may be able to beat the bombers.

He was on the radio and it sounds like he could but they are being tight lipped about who starts.

Credit goes to you RW05 for admitting in an open forum you were one of believers. As for him being a good quarterback, in the right system in the right league like college maybe. In the CFL or NFL, I don’t think he had ability or time to learn the game. That is the reason he is no longer here.

Mike you will find I have no problem with saying I am wrong now your twin Arius I do not know that guy would never admit when he is wrong. Your right though I think if he was yonger and had a couple of years exposed to the CFL game he would do well. The guy has a great desposition as well. To bad but just like a job interview if you do not pass it you do not get the job. I think Sankey pass it so far. But you have to remember Sankey was a Cortez QB and has played in the CFL and with Cortez's offense.
Oh by the way I shrunk my signature just for you.

Can KL and Arius please stop trying to out-do one another with the slams toward one another in what seems to be every other post? It's childish.

What did I do?

It was in another thread I read today, Arius - no biggie, really, as I assume it was meant in jest, but you asked about 05's purpose around here if it wasn't to blame him for things, or something to that effect...lumped in with all the other name-dragging-down that's going on, it grows tedious.