Akili Smith Goes North

washed up.

Well truwarier, I would say that when Akili, Rodgers and Boller have career years under Tedford, that means he CAN coach qbs. They only seem to suck when they play for other people.

Why is it that they suck when they played for the worst teams in the league under coaches who have been repeatedly fired? Maybe if Tedford was coaching, they'd still be winning. 8)

In regards to Akili Smith you all need to do your homework and look at the bigger picture. He didn't even get a chance. He was drafted to one of the worse teams in the history of the NFL and was surronded by a rookie offensive line and rookie receivers. He didn't have a chance out there to grow. It's rare that a rookie QB can go out there and shine when you don't have the tools (veterans and good coaches) to groom you. Look at Drew Brees his first couple of years.

Smith wasnt eactly a bust ... his NFL career isnt going to put his statue in Canton, but there have been tons of guys like hime.

Argos didnt sign him because they just signed Mike McMahon.

David Carr is no bust.... give him an O-Line and see.

How can you call Aaron Rodgers a bust ... he has never even started a game. He has that other guy ahead of him in the lineup.