Akili Smith Goes North

Apparantly,Akili Smith has signed with the Stampeders. I wonder why Toronto didnt go after this guy?

from the CFL site under the headline of "Stampeders Bolster Offence" near the bottom of the article.

This could be an interesting (or Desperate) situation.

"In an effort to create competition across the board, Calgary also has signed quarterback Akili Smith -- one of the greatest busts in NFL draft history. Taken third overall out of Oregon in 1999, Smith tanked for the Cincinnati Bengals and never established himself in the NFL, or anywhere else.

Now out of options, Smith presents a cheap, risk-free possibility for the Stamps to evaluate Akili Smith"

what a bust and waste of talent, this guy proves that jeff tedford is overrated as a quarterback guru and he develops a lot of busts. akili is a bust of many generations. here's a list of other busts:

  1. kyle boller
    2.david carr
  2. joey harrington
    4.aaron rodgers

need i say more.

How is aaron rodgers a bust??? He hasnt even played yet.

listen gilbert arenas wannabe, he is a bust, he was projected to be a top five pick, but green bay drafted him 24th overall because they were desperate for a backup QB, rodgers will never half as good as favre and will never pan, even when he played in pre-season games versus backups he never showed any promise, dude is damaged goods.

Farve isnt the measuring stick for QB's. If you hit the Farve level you're one of the best QB's ever. He was the second QB picked in the draft and seeing how he hasnt played yet...how do you come to the conclusion that hes a bust. I guess everyone not picket first overall is a bust then.

he was the second QB drafted in a weak QB draft, even alex smith hasnt been that good, it was a weak draft, and we live in a what have you done for me lately society, and rodgers hasnt shown me anything as to why he deserved to be a first round pick, the kid had two decent years at cal and a so-so juco career, that isnt much to go on, i ve watched him on film and he isnt a prototype franchise QB, so its clear Green Bay screwed up, he also played in the pac-10 which isnt a tough conference other than ucla and usc, and he struggles against subpar talent against wazzu and oregon state.

Man you really have no idea what your talking about. Alex Smith improved so much as a pro QB last year. The 49ers almost made the playoffs. Rodgers hasnt done anything thing because he hasnt played! They do have a guy call Brett Farve playing. And how can you say the Pac-10 isnt a legit conference? It might not be the SEC but its still a legit conference.

alex smith improved because the team had a running game and they depended on frank gore, frank gore carried that offense with his 1600 yards of rushing, it isnt hard to play qb when you have a pro bowl running back beside you, plus with norv turner calling the offensive plays it isnt hard for smith to succeed, turner is an elite offensive coordinator, plus put him with frank gore and you can win ballgames with any average quarterback.

as for rodgers, it will take another 3 seasons to see if he pans out, because i believe favre will play for at least 2 more seasons, therefore green bay might even try and trade him this offseason and draft another kid like drew stanton, troy smith, or even zac taylor.

as for rodgers, it will take another 3 seasons to see if he pans out,

I thought this was Tiger-Cats chat, and not Packers chat?

He's got somewhat of a ticat link...Akili Smith lost his NFL Europe job to Kevin Eakin a few years back; he started ahead of Jason Maas in college.

Guess who was Akili Smith's back up in college? lol...He helped a team win a Grey Cup. He seems to you guys to be overrated. You have guessed it JASON MAAS. Hamilton's starting QB


he was in the top 3 half the season for completion %.

he has no O-LINE.

truwarier u have got to be kiddin me

I wouldn't call David Carr a bust yet either... gotta agree with the last poster there.

David Carr Had the highest copletion % of starting qbs with 69%

david carr is a bust, he is pretty boy, wannabe franchise qb, you guy can use all the excuses that you want about he has no offensive line and he had too many coaching changes, but to be a superstar you have the raise the level of play of your teammates likewise, if you want to be considered a great player you better be a lights out clutch performer and make a couple of pro bowls, carr is a bust and is garbage, john elway made three superbowls in the 1908s with no offensive line, no running game, a conservative head coach in dan reeves and still was a pro bowl performer and played well, elway only won when he had a defense and a running game with terrell davis and howard griffith.

Carr is a bust, he was drafted in 2002, its 2007 and he hasnt shown me nothing, and he has regressed, also houston screwed up by not drafting reggie bush.

Carr is a mess, they should trade him to miami and let him backup culpepper.

wow somebody really hates Aaron Rodgers. Not sure how he's a bust but Tedford has produced a bunch of them. Is Rodgers a bust like Steve Young was a bust in his first 5 years. I mean when he got traded he never played and when he did all he did was drop back and run. Hmmm I think he turned out all right. Kinda gotta give the guy a break.
Boller looked a lot better this year when he had to sub for McNair, maybe he finally gets it?

aaron rodgers= biggest bust since courtney brown.

Didn't Maas back up Smith at Oregon?

Yes He Did