Akili and the bee

Burris' season has been up and down. What do you guys think the chances are that Akili will be the starter at some point in the season over bee (Burris)?

Interesting question. Unless Burris goes out there and shows he is going to play poorly would be my guess. Maybe rest Burris next game and give Akli a try.

....Akili looks like McMahon...they both need some seasoning before they can call themselves a starter....however....injuries can dictate a lot in this game...... :roll:

You might be right there Dad!

I thought Burris had a good game last night, I would think he would get the start next week as well.

Ya I would start Akli in an away game.

It seems like Higgins has a lot more patience than other coaches. My guess is if Burris has three bad games in a row than Akili steps in for the bee.

Burris will start all season.

Although he may get pulled every once in a while due to blowouts for either team.

I was surprised to see that Burris wasn't pulled for Smith in the fourth quarter to give Smith a little more playing time. I guess the Stamps wanted to even the score a bit after last week.

I do not believe that. After getting their butts royaly kicked two games in a row that offesne needed to get so swagger back. And to do that they required playing 60 minutes guys.

Smith stunk up the place in Saskatchewan. Why take a chance and give Toronto the opportunity for a comeback.

It's important for the second-string to get some real game experience. You never know when your starting QB will be out.

For that very reason. A back up needs to be ready to play. There are already two injured starting QB's. When a game is out of reach, IMO, the back up should be given the opportunity to take a few reps to better prepare for the next time he may be called into action.

Right Paris Hilton!

Another irrelevant post Red

Akili and the Bee = Akeelah and the Bee (movie) … chea boy!