Akili and Boe looked good!

One thing I noticed early this morning is Akili Smith has zip to his passes. He does not seem to have problems picking up that extra man. Boe had two really nice long catches and looks in better shape then when he left. Some very god DB's in camp. The running backs are going to be competitive. Cornish looked very good, Cates was great and Reynolds superb.
The QBs brought in were all pretty sharp Barrick Nealy is good and Cubit looked good as well. After the first practise I would rate it
1)Burris 2)Akli Smith / Nealy 3) Cubit but all had a great showing.

Crance Clemens had a good practise. Adrian Ward a new DB lloked godd as well. Jim Davis was very fast off the ball and rushed Burris a few times he is a new dlineman.

i would not be surprised if boerigter was a better receiver than when he was here before. a couple of years trying to crack an nfl would make you better. i'm lookin forward to what he'll do.

He was playing in the NFL for four years he was not trying to crack into the NFL. He looks sharp and still fast.

I think Boerichter will carry on where he left off. A big dominant, strong receiver.

Many people figured he would have slowed due to age and injury. It has not showed so far at camp. In fact I think he looks even better in his routes.

Those are two incredible signings In My Opinion

Agreed. Boerichter is the real deal, Smith may be the sleeper. I think one of two things could happen.

(1) He pushes Burris to a new level.

(2) He performs so well that Higgins HAS to use him.

I see a win/win situation here.

Coach’s comment
"No matter how you cut it, Henry is the starter. We brought Akili in to give him a chance to play some ball and show what he can do. He’s done a good job of that. It’s not like he’s going through the motions because he’s done this or that. He’s really into it, learning what to do, he gets upset with himself when he doesn’t do it right. He’s done a nice job. The next two guys are competing to show that they can be the guy that can be the guy down the road.
“It (performance) has been up and down. The more we put in, the more mistakes we have all over the field. The competition has been good. They’re into it and doing everything we’ve asked them to do. It looks good so far, we’ve practise five times and we’re still undefeated.”
– Offensive co-ordinator George Cortez.