AJ III V.S Toronto Equipment Manager

What a dickhead that Equipment Manager was. AJ3 is doing some healthy celebration and he has the nerve to attack him? Push around a player who just had a nice play.. Who do you think you are? If I were the ref I wouldn't have given him a major penaly for getting all pissed, but definitely a congrats on not clocking him in the face.

That little runt cost us a field goal, he pushed flight 87 and of course AJ couldnt controll himself...he was running high octane...remove the rodent from the side lines forever..he over steped his boundry's...he's a Jack A$$

Yeah, when I saw the flag I was sure it was going to be objectionable conduct on the Toronto bench. I was pissed when AJ III was called for taunting.

We don't know what AJ said. Without that knowledge we can't know weather or not their was an infraction

AJ wasn't even looking at the guy though. Usually if you're going to comment to someone you look at them. He was looking straight forward.

Too bad he didn't give him a helmet to the face.