AJ Harris

Rumour has him coming to TiCats PR.


Put me in the "meh" category on this one.

Why?He was a pretty good RB and perfect for what we're looking for, a ground and pound runner.He'll make a fine 2nd string RB providing he get's that far.

Um, the words you use seem to answer your own question..."pretty good", "fine 2nd string" and "providing he gets that far" all say "meh" to me. We have cut FAR better this season alone IMO.

Have to admit, I don't remember seeing him before. But based on his stats and his size, I'd say he could make a pretty good combination with Cobb. To switch off for him in certain situations - short yardage, in particular. Or as a second or even lone back on 2nd and mid-yardage. Not quite a fullback, but a bit bigger than either Cobb or Thigpen. Doesn't look like a breakaway runner, but as a pounder, that could be useful.

Might even push Cobb if he produces. Of course, as an import, it would mess up the numbers unless he actually replaces Thigpen. :?

Shared the starters role in '08 with McCarty in EDM, produced something in the area of 600-800 yards and was a very reliable back for them.They decided to go a different direction when they picked up Whitlock and released Harris.Harris signed with BC and played part of '09, again doing a fairly good job before he was released because of Mallett's performance.
Rock solid 2nd string RB.