AJ Gass

So apparantly AJ Gass in not going to get a suspension after all, but only a fine. Excellent decision... good way to teach all the kids proper sportsmanship..

Do you have a source to back that up? I didn't see anything on the CFL homepage.

[url=http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/news/story.html?id=0b9c30ce-b479-4005-aef6-a381de2c5182&k=35141]http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/n ... 82&k=35141[/url]

Eskimos linebacker A.J. Gass will line up against the Stampeders in the Labour Day Classic after all.

An arbitration hearing overturned Gass's one-game suspension for throwing lineman John Comiskey's helmet the last time the two teams met. Gass will be fined an undisclosed amount, but he will be playing Monday.

"It's very good news," Gass said. "Obviously it was the answer we were looking for. It doesn't undermine the fact that (throwing the helmet) was wrong."
Edmonton Eskimos A.J. Gass,77, wrestles with Calgary's John Comiskey at the start of the incident for which he received a one-game suspension.View Larger Image

Gass didn't say how much he would be fined. "I expect it will be big," he said.

He was represented at the three-hour hearing in Edmonton on Tuesday by the CFL Players' Association rather than the Eskimos.

"The suspension was a little extreme," Gass said. "That's why we took it through the process we did."

The controversy had dragged on since Aug. 4 when Calgary beat the Eskimos 34-32 at Commonwealth Stadium. Gass accused tackle Jeff Pilon of grabbing his private parts under the pile and retaliated by ripping the helmet off Comiskey and hurling it down field.

Gass was suspended for a game, and CFL commissioner Mark Cohon upheld the suspension, but Gass took it to an arbitrator.

"He sat down with the players' association," Maciocia said. "They determined they had a legitimate shot at getting it overturned."

Maciocia said the fight has been a distraction.

"Every single day, it's a topic of conversation," he said. "It just takes a lot of energy."

What a joke. This whole thing has been worse than a cheesy soap opera.

So much for any authority the league had to hand out any suspensions. How many times will see this process go on with any future suspensions that will be handed out? The precedent has been set, so all the league can do for throwing of helmets, etc.. is just a fine. It is a total farce.

Well, now that its been confirmed, let me just say this...


But seriously... Whether or not it's the right decision, I'm just glad to have him for good, and hopefully he continues playing like he has been over the last few weeks. We'll need it to upset the Stumps this weekend.

He hasnt run wild over anyone in years. You honestly think anyone on the Stamps cares???

Get a grip......hell besides making the CFL look like fools, Im glad he's in. I love watching him trying to catch Reynolds.

Gass isn't the machine he used to be.....I certainly haven't seen teams run over by him like they used to be....he was pretty much a non-issue in the games I've seen him in this year.....

I am very happy Gass the Ass will be in there. He is such a determent to his team as a Stamp fan this is great.

I still dont understand how you appeal an appeal,
but whatever.

Well, clearly there was a little humour in my post.

But considering the state our defence is in, we could certainly use a guy like Gass. It's true his numbers have been less than stellar this season, but he stepped up his game when he had to.

He missed the first 3 games, and then only had 5 tackles in the next three. But when there was talk of him being suspended, and Edmonton was losing players left and right, he stepped it up and got 9 tackles and a sack in the last two games. That's the Gass we need right now.

And hopefully Pilon stays the hell away from him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pilon could careless the stories this moron carries around with him. He tried in vain to find an excuse and mad a total joke of himself. And truly chief this guy is a joke. Edmonton's Ronald McDonald. Surely the proud Edmonton franchise can find a linebacker that is better then this guy.

AJ Gass is the man red, and there is great video that shows pilon grabbin his groin, so i think you should question the character from your O-Lineman before looking at us, and JM the first 4 games sure Gass struggled but after the incident he has played as good as any linebacker the last 2 games so i exspect him to keep it up.

really, a video of the groin pull? Can you post it please...

Corny seriously even Gass's boyfriend would not grab him in the groin area. But if you got the video thats share this it should be funny.

Any guy who got his groin "pulled" would not be standing long enough to be physically capable of ripping someone helmet off and hurling it downfield.....

Sure there is corne.

Its AJ who's known for the extra-curricular stuff
after the whistle. Reynolds himself questioned
why he feels the need to resort to the cheapshots, etc.

Wow. That was witty, 05. I feel like I should challenge you to a fight on the school yard.


Chief go do what you do best lick the toilet bowl. Corny does not need your input. Corny if you can send the link my good friend.

If it's good for the goose, red.....don't tell me you're the "dish but can't take" type like our "friend" EE?